‘DWT’S Bonner Bolton on coincidence that left him paralyzed: ‘I was pronouncing my last prayer’

Professional bull rider Bonner Bolton is lucky to be alive and contesting on “Dancing with the Stars.”

The 29 -year-old Texan, who dances with Sharna Burgess, told reporters after Mondays show about his brush with death.

In January 2016, Bolton was bucked off a bull and property on his head. He was paralyzed from the cervix down but miraculously recovered and went spinal fusion surgery in Chicago.

“The doctor that did my surgery told me I’m an inspiration to everyone who’s ever sustained a spinal trauma, and it’s a true-life miracle what’s happened to me, ” he said.

He didnt think he would be so lucky.

“I[ guessed] I was expiring the working day it arose and I was doing my last-place prayer.”

The rider can’t believe he’s extended from “being paralyzed in that bed laying face up and now dancing on this floor.”

Bolton, who won the cop razz macrocosm championship when he was 20, told Fox News, “I was on the rise again when I got hurt.”

He wouldn’t accept that he’d be paralyzed forever: “I remained pushing myself to know and believe that I would walk again , not only would I walk again, I told[ doctors] they are able to accompany me amble that week before I got out of the hospital — and they had me clambering three flights of stairs.”

The decided bull rider acknowledged of convalescence, “It was hard to hold a fork the right way for a few months.I couldn’t bath myself. I had to have help.”

Bolton will tell “DWTS” love more during “personal legends week” on April 10.

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