Dude garmented as Pikachu apprehended at White House

He wanted to be the very best-like no one ever was.

At infiltrating the White House.

A man dressed in a Pikachu dres was caught by Secret Service officers after he jumped a concrete impediment on the southern soil of the White House, CNN reports. Curtis Combs, 36, of Somerset, Kentucky, told police he wanted be famous and is expecting to upright a video of him in garb of the popular Pokemon on YouTube.

There was no word if Combs thoughts this was his “cause” or how far he traveled “across the land, ” if he thinks this was his “destiny, ” or if he supposed this was “a world we must defend.”( See what we did there ?)

Combs told police he was unarmed before climbing the fence as Pikachu, CNN reports, and ignored multiple masteries to stop climbing. A knapsack he has was investigated by rocket technicians and later cleared by police.

Combs was charged with prohibited entry and pleaded not guilty.

This is just the latest example of Pokemon and national politics mixing in recent weeks.

Pokemon Go , the mobile augmented actuality tournament, was reportedly used by Russian actors during its multi-faceted attempts to disrupt the 2016 referendum.

The performers expended a imitation Black Lives Matter safarus in an attempt to get useds of video games to acquire and study Pokemon near areas where alleged incidents of police savagery came and give the beasts refers of victims of such incidents.

You can read all of CNN’s report here.

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