Agitating Video Shows Cop Shooting Family’s Dogs In Fenced Backyard

A Minneapolis family is expecting rebuttals after a police officer shot and injured their two puppies on Saturday while responding to a defence frighten at their house.

Surveillance video that their own families shared on Facebookshows law enforcement officers walking into the home’s fenced backyard when one of the dogs approachings, wagging its posterior but with what seems to be bristled mane along its back.

The police officer involved in the shooting, whom the Minneapolis Police Department has not determined, can be seen taking several steps back with his firearm pointed at the approaching puppy. The dog pauses and then attracts closer, tail wagging.

The officer then opens shoot, justification the dog to fall on its back and scramble away. A second dog can be operating toward the patrolman before he, more, is shot and cast scurrying.

” He was wagging his tush ,” homeowner Jennifer LeMay told the Star Tribune.” My dog wasn’t even moving, lunging toward him or anything .”

Facebook Surveillance images depict a person identified as a Minneapolis police office shooting a bird-dog that approached him in the backyard of a private residence. The being then exits by clambering the back fencing.

LeMay said a acquaintance was watching the family’s two Staffordshire terriers, Ciroc and Rocko, when her two daughters, ages 18 and 13, came home early from their own families camping tour and provoked the home’s insurance horrify just before 9 p. m.

Within four minutes, Le May called the security company and the alarm was deactivated, she told the Star Tribune. But about 20 minutes later, she said, two police officer arrived and split up to investigate the belonging, with one staying at the figurehead and another “re going to the” back.

LeMay’s 13 -year-old daughter, Vanessa, said she was looking out of a bedroom window when she saw the policeman shoot the dogs. LeMay said the dogs are emotional support animals for her two sons, who have anxiety.

” All of a sudden, I envision the dog come around the angle and then he started filming the gun. He didn’t even do anything ,” Vanessa told neighbourhood depot KARE .

The family invited the Tv station to see the teen’s bloodstained bedroom, where Ciroc ran after being wounded, according to Vanessa.

GoFundMe Ciroc, a Staffordshire terrier, is recovering after being filmed in his jaw on Saturday night.

After the shooting, the officers apparently knocked on the front entrance and told the family not to call for medical assistance, because animal domination was just minutes away. But help never arrived, LeMay told the Tribune.

The family eventually took the dogs to a veterinary that night. Ciroc had suffered a gunshot wound to his mouth, and Rocko had several gunshot weaves to his mas. LeMay said she has already paid $900 for Ciroc’s medical care, but he’ll require additional surgery that will cost $5,000 to $7,000.

Both dogs are expected to recover, is in accordance with local CBS affiliate WCCO.

On Facebook, LeMay accused the officer of being” initiation glad “~ ATAGEND and shooting her” coat babes” without a valid reason.

” These merely aren’t family members, they establish my minors’ eras possible. They make it possible for my kids to function in their day-to-day life ,” LeMay told WCCO .

To help with the medical greenbacks, LeMay shared a associate on Facebook to a GoFundMe account that has raised $15,000 as of Monday afternoon.

In a statement addressing the killing, the Minneapolis Police Department said it is investigating the incident.

Le May and their own families did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment on Monday.

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