Disney’s lizard-like robot VertiGo is a wall-climbing nightmare

It’s not a character in a brand-new animated movie, but VertiGo, a robot been developed by Disney, would fit right into those imaginary on-screen worlds.

VertiGo can move gracefully from the dirt to the wall and ascent along walls vertically like a lizard, even on uneven surfaces.

The 4.5 -pound VertiGo robot, was established by Disney Research Zrich in collaboration with a student projection at the Zrich science and technology university ETH, is controlled by a human driver and powered by two propellers that provide a poking onto the wall.

As Dr. Paul Beardsley of Disney Research clarified, VertiGo has two propellers that are angled to push the robot against the wall and provide upward motion that counters seriousnes, similar to a quadcopter drone with four propellers that thrust upward.

The 22 -inch robot consists of a center carbon-fiber baseplate, carbon rods that connect 3D-printed divisions, and servomotors that control the thrusters separately. In the video above, the robot climb from the dirt to a wall, but researchers said that it could theoretically climb on the ceiling, too.

Beardsley, who facilitates develop these innovative new technologies at Disney, used to say how the robot will be used is up to other parties within the massive company.

“We are wreaking generally in the area of mobile robots because of the possibilities for next generation entertainment, ” Beardsley said in an email to the Daily Dot. “The interest in wall-climbing robots is because they have good visibility as a display.”

Disney has no plans to open-source VertiGo, and its possible usages for the robot continue uncertain. But based on the little bot’s versatility, it would make an optimal comrade for Wall-E.

H/ T Gizmodo | Photo via Disney

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