Disney hops on the river cruising trend with vacation tours down the Danube

Disney is offering brand-new sail alternatives.( AmaWaterways)

This summer, Adventures by Disney— the tour guide arm of the Disney Company– dipped its toe in the growing river cruising grocery, offering a Danube River cruise itinerary in partnership with AmaWaterways.

River cruising has traditionally gratified to a more mature consumer but the brand-new 170 passenger AmaViola sold-out for the limited Escapades by Disney summer sailings.

Now, Adventures by Disney returns to the Danube for two holiday cruises this December. There are plenty of family friendly events on board- from glinting lightings and dangling baubles, to spiced gingerbread cookies and spiked eggnog, to chants and music.


You’ll also get to visit historic and renowned old-world European Christmas markets during the tour. Here are some of the top features of other types of Disney cruise.

1. Don’t expect the typical Disney Cruise experience


Danube River cruises have been a staple of many river sail strands, including AmaWaterways, for years, but there are notable gaps for the Escapades by Disney itineraries. The AmaViola( which launched in April 2016 ), was constructed specific with families in thinker. Family-friendly features include bigger staterooms that accommodate three- and four-person families as well as join staterooms for bigger groups, these configurations are odd compared to the typical river ocean liner staterooms for two.

In addition, shipboard common rooms add specially designed works geared towards children, teens and adults such as: family karaoke, movie darkness, a magical indicate, cooking castes, tournaments, and more.

Kristin Karst, administration vice president and co-owner of AmaWaterways, remarks the holiday sail offers great knows multigenerational categories will enjoy like visits to Europe’s renowned Christmas markets in Budapest and Vienna, a Vienna Boys Choir Christmas performance in the Hofburg Palace Chapel and a special holiday-themed lunch.

“Adventure guidebooks onboard accompany guests on every jaunt and add young travelers with a variety of kid-focused works, leaving the adults more time to explore Europe’s speculates together.”

Guides are a key differentiator– and they’re standard for the companys steered vacation group tours. On every tour, there are two Disney guidebooks for every 40 beings. They’re also specially trained to cater to both chilldren and adult guests.

2. Europe extends over and above for the holidays


“Our goal was to create a European vacation that’s active, immersive and easy-going for categories, ” Heather Killingbeck, Director of Program Development& Operations for Adventures by Disney says.

“We often aim to tell the amazing narrations of each township or city in active directions such as clambering above the trees in Germany and sliding down into salt mines in Austria, and more. In this room the children have fun while understand better European history and culture.”

This holiday Danube River cruise begins in Munich, Germany, the heart of Bavaria, for one of the regions oldest Christmas markets. After boarding the AmaViola in Vilshofen, Germany, the tour takes a week to sail down the Danube stopping at holiday markets in Austria and Slovakia before arrived here Budapest, Hungary.

“Parents especially told us that they affection the tour because their children didn’t even realize how much they were hearing, ” Killingbeck remarks. “For our holiday sailings we’ve added festive ingredients, such as a themed holiday defendant, gingerbread shape, offering exchanges for the Junior Adventurers and more, drawing these journeys the perfect room to savor the season with loved ones.”


3. The Disney items


Adventures by Disneys holiday Danube River sail beginning at $4,439/ adult and $4,229/ babe( 12 and under ), is comparable to $3,800/ person booked directly with AmaWaterways. You do offer a premium for the seamless door-to-door walk, two Disney guidebooks, and a few Disney benefits offered by Escapades by Disney.

A common criticism of all Escapades by Disney journeys are their jammed-packed itineraries since each day features activities in the morning, afternoon, and sometimes evening as well. However, you are able to dominate your vacation destiny and can opt out of any planned excursions.

Dave Parfitt is a Rochester, N.Y.-based travel novelist. He is the founder of Adventures by Daddy, a digital database offering family-friendly walk advice from a papas point of view.

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