Did you weep watching Wonder Woman? You weren’t alone | Jessica Valenti

When so many of us feel powerless, accompanying the astonishing dominance of one girl feels like a cathartic release

There is a poster that hangs in my six-year-old daughters chamber: it speaks Wonder Woman for President, the superhero hulk over “the worlds” shes doing her best to save. Its a reproduction of a 1972 Ms publication plow, the feminist pamphlets inaugural issue.

I ever find the image lovely, but “havent had” real connect to Wonder Woman herself. I wasnt a comic book or superhero fan; and unlike some of my friends who grew up wearing red-and-blue Underoos and watching Lynda Carter play Wonder Woman on television, she wasnt my go-to feminist icon.

In fact, it ever seemed as if the feminist passion for Wonder Woman was simply because, well, there werent a whole lot of other options. As far as well-known girl superheroes get, she was it.

But as I watched Patty Jenkins smash hit movie this weekend, overcome with feeling throughout most of the film, I eventually understood. Wonder Womans singularity is what induces her so special, specially right now.

Like a lot of other women I know and a lot of women I dont I noted myself hollering at surprising hours during the course of its film. Watching the Amazon women of Themyscira practice fighting, their strength and athleticism on full presentation; the combat panorama where their own bodies winged through the breeze, beautiful but not sexualized; the prodigious moment Diana discovers herself and liberates a town by climbing above the furrows and doing what no humankind had been able to do before.

Meredith Woerner described it best in the Los Angeles Hour when she wrote: I felt like I was discovering something I didnt even know I had always craved. To find a woman defy, strong and invincible.

Yes, weve appreciated female action wizards before but not like this. Not in a way where the camera dawdling on the status of women body appears strong instead of obscene. Not in a movie where the status of women fortitude is illustrated as inevitable and natural.

When the movie was over, I openly wept outside the theater to my husband I requirement a minute to write myself. Its one thing to intellectually recognize the strength of representation, quite another to feel it in your bones when you finally see it.

Were in a political minute when rooms full of men are making decisions about women future and the two countries is being run by a male who boasts about sexually assaulting wives. Feminist backlash is so severe that theaters impounding women-only manifests of the movie have been the target of online ire, even lawsuits.( I have a few friends who didnt accompanied such views for fear that one of these enraged boys would show up to do harm .)

When so many of us appear powerless, looking the remarkable capability of one lady felt like a cathartic exhaust. A reminder of what is possible, and of what our daughter and ourselves deserve.

Luckily, these days Wonder Woman is not the only female superhero with widespread mainstream identification culture is changing even as our politics seems to be falling downwards. My daughter speaks comics each night; her favorite at the moment is Squirrel Girl. Im stimulated that shell have all sorts of heroes to choose from. Still, Im glad that its Wonder Woman that sits above her plot, watching over her.

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