Did this cool Russian kid just develop droneboarding?

As drone technology becomes more commonplace, the enterprises and purchasers are finding ways to use them that are far less invasive and deadly than conventional, militaristic procedures.

Internet marketplace Amazon.com, for example, plans to use drones to deliver producesof five pounds or reductions in fewer than 30 hours. Hollywood filmmakers, meanwhile, exploit drones to get nifty shootings without spend thousands of dollars a day on helicopters.

All pretty cool, but not nearly as chill as a Russian papa who figured out an good new style for his son to get around in the snow.

In this first known video documentation of droneboardingthe use of a droning whilst on a snowboarda small quadcopter seem to be effortlessly gathers a young son through fresh pulverize. Smart if there arent any slopes nearby, but he doesnt seem to be going very fast.

I have a lot of quadcopters, all homemade, the papa who killed the video explained in the YouTube description, carried via Google Translate. Some are strong enough to drag son but has large, open bolt. I could hurt someone. He added that while not as strong as other drones of his, the one used in the video was strong but safe.

If it had dragged faster, he mentioned, it precisely would have fallen.

That would not have been so radical.

Screengrab via Valplushka / YouTube

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