Did ‘The Walking Dead’ ultimately go too far with its recent kill?

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 debut was the most brutal hitherto .
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This story contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere.

If you’re seeming traumatized by the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead , you aren’t alone.

After the long-awaited chapter aired, innumerable love took to Twitter to express their horror and resentment over the deaths of Glenn( Steven Yeun) and Abraham( Michael Cudlitz ), with many declaring that they want to quit watching the appearance altogether.

It’s a round we seem to go through after every major extinction on the display dating the whole way back to the earliest seasons, when we lost the likes of Amy, Dale, T-Dog, Lori, Andrea and even love-to-hate favorite Merle.

Of course, some fans probably have followed through on their predict and stopped watching the indicate after losing their favorite reference, but judging by the juggernaut ratings for The Walking Dead ( it’s still the highest rated show on television among adults 18 -4 9 ), while many may threaten to “rage quit, ” they still come back for the next escapade once their collapse has worn off.

The creators yearn. While showrunner Scott Gimple admitted that he had purposefully tried to break the gathering just as the premiere interrupted Rick, administration farmer and escapade administrator Greg Nicotero weighed in on follower reaction during a Monday conference call with reporters.

“I was suggested that that is necessary that we have done something to affect these parties in a way that they dont necessarily know how to process, ” he told Mashable, when asked how he experienced about fans’ affirms of quitting. “Im a big Game of Thrones follower, and Ive been stunned at the turn of events on that evidence, but I still love it and Im still committed to seeing where that fib goes.”

Ultimately, Nicotero responded, fan outrage is simply have proven that the producers are doing their jobs. “I think its a kneejerk reaction that people have, because they am worried about these characters. If we killed someone and they didnt care, like, ‘no big deal, just gonna disappear have a bagel and not worry about it, ‘ that means we havent done something to connect our people to the characters.

“Its a tribute to every single performer on our been demonstrated that has croaked, and it goes back to Emma Bell and Jon Bernthal and Laurie Holden and Sarah Wayne Callies and Michael Rooker. Theyre all terrific performers and after every one of them died, people were upset, and parties were like ‘oh, how can you do that? Thats it, Im finished.'”

Nicotero said he doesn’t take situations of extreme reactions personally, but agrees, “I guarantee that there are people that are like ‘thats it, you killed off a persona that I desire and Im not gonna watch the evidence anymore’ Its unfortunate if thats truly whats going to happen, because the picture still has a tremendous amount to offer.”

With all due respect to Abraham( and Michael Cudlitz’s scene-stealing pipelines ), often of the anguish seems specifically set aside for Glenn, who has been with the prove since the start, and, perhaps most importantly, was one of the few Asian-American lead characters on a primetime serial especially since he was never cripple by the kind of ethnic stereotypes that still plague mainstream characters for performers of color.

Nicotero described Glenn’s death to reporters as necessary for Rick’s arc in Season 7. “Part of the whole show is, we really required to drive Rick and Negans story throughout the season, and we felt that one demise would do the trick, but the second largest fatality, Glenns death, actually propel us into a very different direction, ” he clarified. “Its really about Negan laying down the law and supposing, ‘the bottom line is, if you listen to me, youll be fine, but if you step out of line, thats not gonna fly.’ Glenns death “ve got a lot” to do with Ricks future narrative, Maggies future narrative and certainly Daryls future legend because Daryl was the one who launched himself at Negan … it was therefore stimulated for a more rich overall fib arc for a lot of these other characters.”

The fact that Glenn’s death was expended, in part, as a catalyst for the growth of the white-hot reputations around him is specially galling for numerous fans, as was the fact that the demonstrate hired yet another “fake out” scenario with the specific characteristics, which appreciated Negan killing Abraham before dispatching Glenn as a “surprise” death afterwards.

But was it certainly a amaze?

Last season, Glenn appeared to die after falling into a horde of hikers in occurrence 603, with tricky revising to take in order to make it look like the fan-favorite persona was being torn apart by zombies. To farther influence the audience, the show even removed Yeun’s name from the opening credits for several episodes, as it has now been done whenever a prime reference dies.

Still, the producers’ decision to play flirtatiou with Glenn’s fate during the course of its precede escapade of Talking Dead meant that witness were kept in suspense, uncertain of his status. It took four episodes to be noted that Glenn actually survived the apparently unsurvivable statu by using the body of Nicholas as a shield before climbing under a dumpster and obscuring out until the walkers dispersed, all without going a scraping or bite. It was a narrative contortion that undercut the show’s credibility.

As I wrote at the time, “Im having a hard time experiencing the narrative advantage of impeding Glenn alive after faking his death. Contrary to what producer David Alpert told us following escapade 603( I feel like, regardless of “whats happened to” Glenn, he paid a tremendous cost for having been human to Nicholas, and that, to me, from an psychological point-of-view whether or not Glenn is alive or dead or something else the Glenn that we knew, the one that believed in the better area of humanity, I think is dead ), nothing about how he reacted in Heads Up gave me any indication that hes any less hopeful, any less inherently good than he always has been. Theres little character growth to be gained from yet another near-death experience after five seasons of constant near-death events, and because he has a babe on the way, Glennarguably has even more reason to believe in humanitys better angels than before.”

That is even more true now, since Glenn had relatively limited reference growing following his last-place close meeting with the grim reaper, aside from taking a questionable gradation towards the dark side where reference is eventually took a human rights during the group’s attack on the Saviors’ compound.

We never certainly was informed about Glenn’s backstory or find flashbacks to his past, and when last season’s fake out existed, he knew Maggie was pregnant, so the bets were already high-pitched for him. To do affairs worse, we now have to witness Maggie “re going through” the pain of losing him twice .

And the fact that Scott Gimple revealed that these fatalities have been planned for about two years simply makes that previous dumpster dive seem more manipulative. Was it the producers’ route of counteracting comic book fans’ prognosis that Glenn would follow the direction laid out for him in the comics? Despite the facts of the case that Glenn’s death was foreshadowed, that doesn’t minimized the sting the see has deviated from the source textile before. Maybe some observers thought that after last season’s bait-and-switch, there was no way the testify would toy with love in the same way yet again but of course it would.

The Walking Dead is emotional torment porn, and it has been since the very beginning.

Lori croaking from blood loss after situations of emergency C-section to deliver her daughter, and her son having to shoot her in the honcho to frustrated her from reanimating? Carol seeming compelled to kill a little girl who had been so warped by the holocaust that she slaughtered her own sister? Beth being shot just minutes before she would’ve reunited with Maggie? That final dinner table background with our group living happily ever after?

This is just mean.

Image: AMC

The show calibrates its demises for maximum anguish. It loads up on gratuitous gore for stomach-churning distaste. Much like the fiction of the scorpion and the frog, stinging us is in The Walking Dead ‘s nature, but we still choose to go along for the ride. If we’ve developed Stockholm syndrome because we love these reputations so much better, do we really have the right to denigrate the present for doing what it has always done?

None of this invalidates your sympathies of bereavement and wrath over the deaths of Glenn, Abraham or any of the other references the see has completed over the past six years old you should attend, because empathy becomes us human. But as Steven Lloyd Wilson wrote for Pajiba nearly a year ago( further supporting the repetition hertz of defamation this indicate introduces us through ):

“The fact that the writers are able to manufacture you actually am worried about these attributes while they torture them for your viewing gratification shouldnt be taken as a evidence that the show is any good as a narration. Its a shell game that persuades you to empathize with characters as theyre sand into junk. The empathetic characters are an essential part of the sadistic machine. But its exclusively a treadmill of emotion to keep you rallying towards the nonexistent dangling carrot … Constant death and hopelessness isnt a story.”

The only question is, how much sustain are you willing to put up with? Was Glenn’s death a turning point for sees as well as the see? Alone epoch, and ratings, will tell.

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