Details emerge about Phillip ‘Phizzurp’ Klemenov’s lethal car accident

Image: Phizzurp/ youtube

Investigators looking into the car shipwreck that killed professional Call of Duty participate Phillip “Phizzurp” Klemenov this weekend said that rapidity and alcohol may have been a factor, though his girlfriend who survived the ruin insisted that the 23 -year-old was sober at the wheel.

One passenger, Marcelous Johnson, was also killed.

After the news burst Sunday of the late-night, single-car rollover ruin in Aurora, Colorado, carry was pouring in from actors and fans on social media. Kelemenov’s girlfriend, Arianna Lemus, survived and posted a video to Twitter, apparently just minutes after he died.

The Aurora Police Department exhausted a statement saying “alcohol and speeding appear to be parts in the disintegrate, ” along with a photo of the destroyed vehicle from a police report.

Image: Aurora Police department

Lemus showed the photo as the lethal gate-crash. But she refuted the notion that Klemenov, who was driving, had been drinking that night. The Aurora Police Department has not released information about whether the move was intoxicated.

Lemus expressed the view that Klemenov lost restrict of the car after it swerved. The police report states that the car rolled multiple times, affecting various trees and a pole before stopping. Lemus describes climbing out of the car while it was upside-down, saying Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene and that Klemenov died in her forearms eventually at the hospital.

Following the edict of Klemenov’s death, Lemus posted a flurry of affectionate and heartbreaking tweets in memoriam of her boyfriend.

Fans and fellow participates tweeted out themes in support of Klemenov, who is known for his professional Call of Duty job from the very beginning of 2011. He has been streaming, establishing YouTube videos and contesting professionally for five years, very recently with the team H2K Gaming.

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