Dean Opens Up About His Family Again On ‘The Bachelorette’& It’s Heartbreaking

It wasn’t looking good for Dean at the start of his one-on-one date on this week’s escapade of. The living Ken doll chose to joke around with Rachel instead of opening up to her as they strolled around Geneva, but that all changed at dinner.

When Rachel asked to are you serious, Dean discovered why he’s so nervous about Rachel meeting their own families if she selected him for next week’s hometown dates.


Dean had previously exposed his mother died when he was a girl, and on this occurrence, he opened up about his labored rapport with “his fathers”. His mother’s demise gave even more strain on their relationship.

When my mother passed away, the first 15 years of my life, my father was the one who was like Hey, let’s get dirtbiking, let’s extend snowboarding. He was never the one who was like Let me drive you to academy, let me take you to lunch, he was never that guy. So the second my mother passed away, who was that person, he wasn’t be permitted to turned the switching and become the person that I involved him to be and it took a big hit on our relationship.

Dean went on to say that “his fathers” is eccentric now, and he wishes Rachel could have met his family back when his mother was still around.

He’s merely not a person that has any endure on my emotional knowledge, I guess you could say. He’s become quite a bit more eccentric. So what I wish you could see is the family that I had in my most developmental years of ages 0 to 15, and not the family that abandoned me at the most vulnerable sectors time in my life.


But the speech didn’t frighten away Rachel. On the contrary, Rachel praised Dean for lastly opening up to her and offered him a rose.

So we’ll be encountering Dean’s family next week!