Daughter Dies Tragically in Cancun5 Months ago, Dad Bikes 1,400 Miles to Find the Serviceman Who Has Her Heart

Five months after the sudden death of his 20 -year-old daughter, Abbey, Bill Connor moved the decision to journey his bike across the country as a lane to reputation his child girlfriends short life.

In January, Abbey and her friend, Austin, were on a wintertime divulge tour to Cancun when they were both detected face-down and subconscious in a swimming bath. Despite medical exertions, Abbey had suffered irreparable brain damage that intention her life. She was prevented on life substantiate until doctors were able to harvest her organs for transplant.


Fast-forward to May 22. The daytime after Austin graduated college, Bill got on his bike, and set out on a 2,600 mile trek throughout the country. His programme was to go from his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, to Fort Lauderdale, Floridawith the hopes of visiting Broward Medical Centerwhere Abbeys organs were recovered for subscription merely five months prior.

It was a donation that Bill wishes his daughter never had to give, but it wound up saving four other lives.

When Abbey revolved 16 and first went her permission, she decided to become an organ donor.

“She registered. It’s something that she knew a long time ago. Regrettably, it is necessary to enjoyment, but that’s Abbey, ” Bill told CBS News. “If you had her as a acquaintance she always had your back, and for her to be helping people in needthat fits who she is.”

As Abbeys life came to an result, another family from Lafayette, Louisiana, was learning the destiny of 21 -year-old Loumonth Jack, Jr.

His heart was flunking, and hed been given just 10 eras to live. He requirement a miracle, and it came in the form of Abbey Connor.


“With Abbey and the route stuffs wenthe’s alive today, Bill answers .

Abbey donated four organs, which were received by four different husbands ages 20 -6 0, throwing them a second chance at life. She also donated her gazes and other tissue.

Before setting out for his bicycle go, Bill informed the Florida donation center that handled Abbeys organs about his plan to journey on her behalf.

They sent out letters to all four recipients asking if theyd be interested in gratifying their donors father.

“Even if the recipients diminish our invitation, I couldn’t ask for a better dissolving by connecting again with research hospitals personnel that took care of two daughters during her abide, ” Bill wrote on his fundraising sheet for the move. “The opportunity to thank them again, would also allow me to make some ending to my suffering and hopefully start moving forward through my journey.

Only one person responded: Jack Jr ., who now room Abbeys heart.

Loumonth Jack Jr .

Bill and Jack connected over the phone and coordinated a meet-up in Baton Rouge on Fathers day. It was 1,400 miles into Bills ride.

When the two convened on Sunday, the vision was that of a reunion rather than an introduction. Bill said he felt like he already knew Jack.

They accosted each other with open arms and cuddled in a minute-long hug that is likely to be felt from miles away.


“Knowing he’s alive because of Abbey, Abbey is alive inside of himit’s her nerve having him stand up straight-from-the-shoulder, ” Bill read. “I was happy for him and their own families, and at the same time, I got to reunite with my daughter.”

After reacting one another like old friends, Jack plucked out a stethoscope and sided it to Bill in order to be allowed to sounds his daughters heartbeat again.

Loumonth Jack Jr .

Both guys wept as Jacks friends and family bordered them and watched as Bill listened closely to Abbeys heart inside of Jack.

“She saved me and I can’t refund her. I bid I could but I can’t, ” Jack excused. “All I can do is mail my love to her family.”

The family made a recording of Jacks heart so Bill could listen to it while he undertakes the rest of his ride.

Bill and Jack wasted a little while longer together, before they travelled their separate practices. Jackonto living life to the fullest thanks to the miracle of Abbey Connor. And Bill onto his motorcycle, where he hopes to continue sharing his daughters narrative and the best interests of organ donation.

“It’s about not being selfish and burying thoughts that could help people live or live better lives, ” Bill pronounced. “If you crave a legacywhat better legacy could you have than to help people live? ”

For more information on Abbey’s story, and how you can become an organ donor, visitAbbey’s Ride For Life.

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