Danish Company Causes The Excellent Playgrounds In The World That Even Grown Ups Can’t Resist

LEGO aren’t the only Danish technologists inviting kids to celebrate their imagination. One Danish corporation is building inventive one-of-a-kind playgrounds, and they’re every kid’s dream.

MONSTRUM, founded by former theater laid decorators Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen, has been stimulating elaborate and whimsical playgrounds since 2003. From a monstrous electric eel twirling around a lighthouse to a princess tower and a rocket ship mashup – these imaginative playgrounds are inviting offsprings to play in Denmark, Sweden, Egypt, and other countries. Scroll down to vote for your favorites, and tell us know in the comments which one of these thematic playgrounds you’d want in your back yard.

Welcome to our playground in Liseberg, Tivoli in Gothenburg! Swing in gigantic cyberspaces and ascent as high as you dare( adults might be seduced more ), and enjoy close meetings with solar thoughtfulness and giant birds.

Back in the days in 1800 -something, when Brumleby was located in the countryside there was a dairy and a slaughterhouse at Brumleby. The opinion of the playground is to create a piece of this old Brumleby to remind us of its marvelous history.

Can you likeness anything better on a Sunday morning than to be swallowed by a blue-blooded whale? You can climb up on to the back of the whale by crawling through its mouth and into its belly. You can also crawl through the hole in the side and into the basket, that sits on top of the whale. From here you can slide down.

The story takes place on the African savannah. The Lion Chunga lies comfortably, disguising from the small goats and dreaming of his next banquet. Behind the grass you will see a peek of the old hut in the trees with two giant slides.

The creepy crawling is all over the great playground in Kristinebergs Slottspark. The two giant owls, both 5.5 meters tall, are the sovereign and the queen of the playground. They are ruling over a large slide domain, alluring strange boys and girls to enter both long and short slides.

Right next to the National Museum of Bermuda you will find a giant green murray eel wrap around the a lighthouse.

Childrens Railway Station is an indoor playground on the Danish Railway Museum in Odense. The playground is inspired by Odense station in the 1960 s.

A large dragon has settled in Mulighedernes Park in Aalborg, so infants succeed play if you dare!

The Sperm Whale has been the focal point of numerous stimulating tales through times. From fib about Jonas and the Whale to the legends on Moby Dick and Pinocchio.

Have you ever dreamed to be the size of the insects? The playground, Futuroscope frames that undertaking with tall grass, large-scale flowers and a giant ant.

A pilot has been on a long expedition across the Bermuda Triangle to investigate the many narrations about the vessel and airplanes mysteriously disappearing in the area

On DOKK1( Arhus brand-new central library and citizen assistance hub) you will find the playground Kloden( english: the globe ). The projection is stimulated in collaboration with Schmidt/ Hammer/ Lassen Architects and Kristine Jensen Architects. The activity was donated by the Herman Salling Foundation.

The idea of the playground is a expedition through the Russian space curriculum. Meet the dogs Lika, Belka or Strelke and jump on to the satellite Sputnik, the launch vehicle R-7 Semyorka and moon vehicle Lunokhod 1. Climb around and explore its own history and find the move when you crawl into the big crawling tubes or slide down the large-hearted slithers. Enjoy!

The background of the founding fathers of MONSTRUM is in building prepare blueprints for theatres in Copenhagen. Just like a placed blueprint a playground must have an invigorating front attracting “childrens and” a functional backside with climbing, sliding and tightening options.

The Fortress City is designed as a small adventure country where babes can conceal and play role games.

The Pike is a extremely voracious fish that chews everything. In the year 1230 a German Emperor captured a pike that was over five metres long and weighed more than 1/4 ton.

If you as a small child want to feel big go to Flledparken in Copenhagen and visit The Tower Playground with its countless opportunities for physical work and technological interaction.

In Terville a large frog is looking out of the liquid. He tries to catch the runs with his long tongue. So beware you do not get gobbled, he may well think you are a fly.

The inside of the submarine is dispersed by a bulkhead with round manholes. The navigation deck can be accessed via the ladder in the submarine tower. Older offsprings can climb from the navigation deck onto the hull of the submarine.

Perhaps two ships have stranded on a small island with a lighthouse and a small lighthouse keepers live? Perhaps “theyve been” tempted in there by the people living on the island?

The playground is located at the third storey height, and you can see all the way to Tivoli from the top of the Japanese tower.

Lots of monstrous words are sown all over the area, inducing the children to play and have fun. The crazy, oversized letters have different sizes, dyes and play opportunities.

A huge grass snake twistings and turns on the forest floor. Inside the snake there is a long mazy passageway in which you can conceal from the other children when playing tag.

A cannon is on the way out of the hull, still attached to the deck. It gazes only too difficult to get on board, but soon you will see new opportunities to find small-time routes around the explosion.

The proud carry S/ S Oceanliner is on a long travel. Unexpectedly, a monstrous octopus rises from the deep off-color ocean and attempts the ship.

Stjerneskuddet is an integrated childcare institution for children aged one to six years in Copenhagen. The playground is divided into areas, cavity for going a bicycle, playing ball, climbing and sand digging.

The fishing boat is equipped with a rudder and compass, so that the children have acces to all the tools they need to navigate the boat safely into port.

You can enroll the the 260 cm tall Diesel engine through the flywheel, and climb on up to three tube slides.

The coaster has ruined on a sandbank and is broken in two. The many debris bits, such as caskets and records are spread out in the water and on the sandbank.

A big-hearted parrot with multiple heights inside is the new central play gear on the playground.

You are daydream about a big and sugared banana or pear, while “you think youre” slithering down from an apple, climbing on an orange or voyaging away on a melon shell.

Din Teaterpark in Pildammsparken is designed by artist and scenographer Annika Carlsson together with MONSTRUM, and be carried forward in collaboration with Malmo Stad in 2013 -2 014.

Marco Polos age-old carry has run aground the Easter Islands, and she now lies half buried in sand far from civilisation. Two of the cannons are still unscathed, but the pole lies broken across the railing

The children in Bispeparken missed a demon on the playground. MONSTRUM put up a trap and caught one.

The large cod is swimming in the eelgrass with tiny fish around him. It toils as a combined climbing chassis and hide out.

This small city is composed of a series of small-minded playhouses, connected by a system of directions that meander through the small town.

The Danish cartoon series on Petzi tell about a life of undertaking. Petzi and his acquaintances sail their carry Mary to discover brand-new territory, solve problems for their new friends, build brand-new thoughts, busines, and play together.

The crocodiles are two sculptural factors on the beach. Here you can play or precisely sit and enjoy the view.

The spider is designed as a monstrous mechanical spider being caught in its own web. The heading is the dominate cabin with two joystick controllers to administer all the legs.

This playground is designed like a small area of the forest storey with a ladybird, some forks, and some tiny rocks.

The large globe fell down, and as it made the dirt all the continents slipped off. That is why they are now scattered around the globe all over the playground.

Playhouses in Gyllins Trdgrd float on accumulations in different summits and cater a exquisite position of the area.

Between the long reeds stands a big beautiful pheasant. You can crawl into the body of the pheasant that complies with as a playhouse in three floorings. Around the pheasant is the 2-3 m tall reeds, where you can climb and offset on ropes between the tribes. Both children and adults can use the pheasant, which invites to performance and stay.

It is a hot summer date at the beach. We are in exceedingly shallow waters where the bladder seaweed sways slightly in the waves.

A big haunted home, three flitting bats and a dark wood occupied by phantoms mounted the mood of the creepy soul playground in Varberg.

The submarine has just surfaced after yet another escapade. The curve laps onto the foredeck in big soft influence, a great target to run across

A vast cargo ship is sunk. Now it is on the ocean floor next to the lighthouse and among cargo boxes and fish.

The Globe is a nice little cavity that you can reach by a net, a firemans spar or a slide

An apple has just fallen from the tree and is now in the grass. You can become minuscule and crawl into it and explore.

A great age-old Galion has gone down in a gale close to coast. Billows are lapping over the sides of the ship.

The playground consists of a small striped municipality on the periphery of the forest with a large spider in the middle.