Danica Patrick has a headache and is climbing the walls, is in accordance with Instagram poles

Danica Patrick on Tuesday announced on Facebook that she was losing her NASCAR ride with Stewart-Haas hastening for 2018, due to a sponsor shakeup, which could label the end of her profession in the series.

With that in thinker, a upright on her Instagram page the same day comes across as either a outlandish co-occurrence, or a thinly-veiled content to her team.

“I suffer from migraines, and most of us don’t talking here it.”

The post was for one of her patronizes, Excedrin, and went on to suggest the ailment is something coworkers need to openly discuss in the workplace.

Later, she followed up with another berth that shows her literally climbing the walls. Not in a bad way, but in a exercising video sped up like a “Benny Hill Show” segment that also includes her doing butt kickers, rushing jacks, crazy jacks and an impromptu move she calls a “3 channel 2 pillow stack.”

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