Daily Shows Trevor Noah Knows Why Democrat Hinder Losing

There is a lot of accuse to go around following Democrat Jon Ossoff’s loss to Republican Karen Handel in yesterday’s special election for Georgia’s 6th District congressional fanny. But The Daily Show ‘ s Trevor Noah thinks he knows why the strategy that seems so obvious to liberals hasn’t been working so far.

Ossoff” never really stood an opportunity” against Handel, Noah told sees Wednesday night, partly because the seat is currently in Republican handwritings since the late 1970 s and partly because the Democrat wasn’t the best campaigner.” It could have even been because he searches so young ,” the multitude spoke.” Ossoff searches little like a legislator and more like he should be biking around looking for the Upside-Down .”

” But people, let’s be honest here ,” Noah persisted.” There’s a more obvious reason why Democrats haven’t prevailed by running against Trump .” He explained that Democrats are” living in a bubble” where” they think it’s obvious to everyone that Trump is bad .”

Trump has only been president for about 150 daytimes.” But to a Democrat, it feels like 150 times ,” he said.” What you don’t realize is that Trump’s presidency isn’t even a toddler hitherto. Even though it sounds like one, it isn’t .” To think that Trump followers would be” fed up with him” this early in his term” only isn’t realistic ,” Noah contributed.

” Time is relative ,” he prolonged, simulating Democrats who pronounce,” Man, it’s been eternally, he’s been messing up !” He compared the Left to the designated drivers at the squad who can’t wait for the darknes to be over. But meanwhile, Trump’s base are drunk, dancing and not ready to go home.

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