Dad Turns His Daughter’s Bed Into A Treehouse

What was your childhood bedroom like? I had plays postings crossing the wall and jerseys hanging over the windows. If I wasn’t trying so hard to act like young adults, my area would still look like that today. Every kid’s room tells a great deal about their identity. Boys with large-hearted imageries might have murals of palaces and dragons on their walls. If they are interested in discipline, their chamber might gaze something like this .

When this Vermont dad wanted to create a memorable bedroom for his daughter, he didn’t just settle for a mural and some posters. Instead, he went over and above to create a seriously epic bedroom that redoubles as an indoor treehouse. The area is complete with everything from a hammock to a climbing cyberspace.

The most amazing part of all is the entire project took less than three days to finish. That is some serious handiwork. The father records the entire process in this 10 -minute time-lapse which shows how he changed and empty chamber into a fantasy property. When the area is lastly discovered, the euphorium and bawlings of exhilaration are infectious. One daughter even wails, “We should show this to the president.” Now I simply need to figure out how I can get this guy to work on my house.

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