Claressa Shields acquires second straight Olympic boxing gold for USA

Claressa Shields beat distractions, nerves and a top-flight adversary to become the first American boxer to captivate back-to-back gold medals

Claressa Shields beat distractions, nerves and a top-flight opposing to become the first American boxer to captivate back-to-back gold medals and cap the US boxing crews most prolific Olympics in nearly a generation.

The American middleweight lived up to her macrocosm No1 ranking in the 75 kg divide with a unanimous-decision win over second-seeded Nouchka Fontijn of the Netherlands before a lively gathering at Riocentro. Ringside adjudicates Fathi Madfoua of France and Natalya Tsoy of Kazakhstan handed in placards of 39 -3 7, while Chinas Meng Wang tallied it a 40 -3 6 shutout.

After the result was announced Shields dropped to one knee in glee then changed a cartwheel before clambering out of the ring and lapping it full sprint with an American pennant in haul, the latest peak in a four-year run at the summit of womens boxing.

Ive acted so hard to be here, an elated Shields said in the immediate consequence. You know not everybody can be an Olympic gold medalist, interval. Im a two-time Olympic gold medalist. Oh my God, I cant guess I just said that!

I dont remember been hit throughout the fight. Did I get hit? This is crazy.

The victory, in a rematch of the middleweight final at Mays world championships in Astana, filched Shields amateur record to 77 -1 and closed a fourth consecutive world claim for the 21 -year-old from Flint, Michigan.

Shields, who wore socks labelled with the Superman shield, charged out of the red corner toward her longer, taller adversary from the opening bell. Fontijn flicked the left punch from the outside and used lateral movement to stay away from Shields destroying supremacy as devotees sung Nouch-ka! Nouch-ka!

She got moving shortly after the firstly round, remarked USA boxing intelligence tutor Billy Walsh, who lamented that inspects from sidekicks had cut into her warm-up hour. There was a bit of nerves starting off because there was a lot of push on her. Shes red-hot favourite to acquire and to play under those circumstances sometimes is difficult.

The American started to find her range in the second round, connecting with a stinging left secure to the jaw early followed by a one-two combining upstairs. When Fontijn discovered herself inside, she went to the secure. Better head movement from Shields cleared her a more elusive target during the course of its middle rounds. Near the end of the third largest, a heat-seeking overhand right near clearly wobbled Fontijn.

Coach Billy screeched out, Fake with the privilege, stumbled her with the claim! As soon as he said it , not even two seconds eventually, I hurled it and I knocked her across the ring, Shields withdrew.

I caught a big shot and that they are able cost you a round, but the first round went well and the last went well and it was close, said the 28 -year-old Fontijn, whose silver-tongued is the firstly boxing honour for the Netherlands since Orhan Delibas acquired silver and Arnold Vanderlijde took copper in 1992. I havent heard the scores but I knew she was the world and Olympic champion so I knew I had to actually give twice as much punches to get the decision and I didnt do it enough.

She has a style that no one else has, but I think its a form thats beatable and I recall I was close today.

In the final round as Fontijns work rate lessened, Shields goaded her rival into throwing more pierces, gleaning jeers from the majority Dutch contingent in the stands. That was the lone round any of the three judges could find to give Fontijn.

Shes tall but she couldnt punched Claressa, Walsh alleged. Claressas head movement, her timing and her management of the interval meant that she wasnt able to touch her so that was the key.

Later on Sunday, Shields was gifted the Val Barker trophy as best available overall boxer in the womens tournament, becoming the sixth ever American winner and first since Roy Jones Jr at Seoul 1988. Uzbekistans Hasanboy Dusmatov, who captured golden in the light-headed flyweight divide last week, was appointed the three men winner.

I had decided this morning: She cant out-box me, she cant out-fight me, she cant out-think me, so hows she going to prevail? Shields did. She got to knock me out but I knew she couldnt do that because Ive got a great chin. So I fantasized, this fight is in the pocket, just got to go out there and do it.

Shields lone career defeat came at 2012 macrocosms against Great Britains Savannah Marshall, who went on to win the deed. Since then, the American captured gold as a 17 -year-old at London 2012 the first Games to include womens boxing must be accompanied by back-to-back world championships and , now, two seconds Olympic gold.

The victory promoted the United States total medal count to three after Nico Hernandezs bronze at light flyweight and Shakur Stevensons silver-tongued at bantamweight, representative of Americans good overall carry since acquiring four at the Sydney Game a testament to the programs steady revival under Walsh.

Shields, who remains the lone American of either gender to win amber in boxing since Andre Ward in 2004, plucked her London gold from her pocket and joyously wore them both on the platform. Afterward she remained non-committal about the future and whether she will turn pro or make a run at Tokyo 2020. I didnt give myself recollect past the working day, she articulated. I only want to go home and meet my mom.

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