Chimpanzee activates alert after electrifying escape from Japan zoo

Chacha, a male chimp, fended off captors at Yagiyama Zoological Park after making a bid for freedom along electricity lines

A chimpanzee embarked on a brave escape from a zoo in north Japan, clambering a towering energy pole before being hit with a sedative arrow and plunge from the wires into a blanket held a total of a dozen workers.

Chacha, a male chimp, survived the twilight with minor bruises and pieces, a zoo official said here on Friday. Japanese viewers were glued to their screens on Thursday afternoon as Chacha scaped capture, sway from power lines and scampered around in a state of agitation.

The chimpanzee was on the loose for nearly two hours after it disappeared from the Yagiyama zoological park in Sendai, the city that is hosting finance ministers from the Group of Seven industrialised nations in May.

Electricity was lost in 1,848 homes for a short period during the incident, is in accordance with Tohoku Electric Power Co.

Chacha, the male chimp, falls off an electric spar, after being hit by a sedative arrow in Sendai , northern Japan. Photograph: AP

A witness at the zoo told local media the chimp had managed to ascent over the wall of its pen before darting up a telephone pole and making a getaway on power lines. The primate managed to make 250 metres from the zoo before his great escape was brought to an end.

TV footage proved Chacha roosted atop a pole, fomented and bellowing at zoo works below. A proletarian in a cherry-red picker then filmed the chimpanzee in the back with the arrow, communicating it scampering along the wires.

Chacha pulled out the arrow but, dangling from an electrical wrinkle, appeared to lose its grasp as the sedative went into effect, and suddenly descended foreman down into the blanket. On the way down, Chacha struck another cable before being awkwardly caught by authorities.

At 24, or middle age in human terms, the chimp would be brake for a few days as it retrieved from the downer, zoo official Takashi Ito said.

Japanese onlookers got to witness the entire escape just over three weeks after a same live television animal breakout in Gifu prefecture. On 23 March, a zebra rampaged around a golf course chased by portly police officers after breaking out of a mare razzing farm. That escape, nonetheless, ended in misfortune when the swine fell into the irrigate and submerge after being hit by a tranquiliser dart.

Yagiyama zoo was shut on Friday as officials investigated how it escaped. Zoo officials have spotted a gap in the barrier, through which the chimpanzee apparently constructed his breakout.

The zoo was closed Friday as officials probed how it escaped. Zoo officials have recognized a puncture in the barricade, through which the chimpanzee apparently shaped his breakout.

The headline of this article was reformed on 15 April 2016 because an earlier version referred back to the chimpanzee as a ape. Chimpanzees are anthropoid apes , not monkeys.

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