Chilling Video Shows Home Intruder Standing Over Couple Asleep on Couch

A Chicago couple is on heightened alert after they say residence surveillance footage captured a stranger standing on their staircase as they slept on a couch below.

The startling situation was revealed to Jack Mackercher and Jordan Buranskas Monday after Buranskas noticed that her handbag was missing, inducing the couple considering the footage, they told WLS-TV .

“We actually got into a little bit of an argument about it. He thought I left it at the restaurants sector the night before, ” she said.

The couple concluded that the video would establish whether Buranskas returned home with her handbag or not. What they found instead diverted their blood cold.

Surveillance video taken early Monday morning pictures a person standing on the staircase as the couple sleeps on a couch below.

Around 3:30 a.m ., while the latter are both passed out in Mackercher’s living room, a hooded illustration emerged out of the upstairs bedroom. The person then stood on the ledge and proceeded to stare down at them for several minutes.

“We were both like,’ What the inferno, is this real? ’” Mackercher told Chicago’s DNA Info.“It was genuinely quite creepy, especially when you see that happen in your house.”

The TV was on, and they suspect that the invader watched for several minutes.

“He stood there for about five minutes the first time then keep walking, then came back and levitated over us again for another five minutes, ” Buranskas told WLS-TV.

The hooded illustration appeared to stop to watch the TV before leaving.

The intruder was so quiet and slow-moving that his spirit didn’t even tip off Mackercher’s two dogs, they said.

The whole contest left them clearly rattled and hoping that this guy, who’s believed to have grasped Buranskas’ purse, is caught soon.

The couple told WGN-TVthat they speculate the man went in through an unlocked opening after clambering their building’s fire escape. They said he’s been dubbed the “Creeper Ghost” and is supposed in a cord of crimes in the area.

Police investigators have been alerted and are investigating, they said.