Chelsea Handler Burns Ann Coulter and Her Piece of Sh* t Book After Canceled Appearance

After Ann Coulter canceled her illusion on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix establish at the last minute, the multitude spent the majority of members of the episode weeping her to shreds. “>

The first signaling that something was up reached when Chelsea Handler posted an Instagram story Wednesday afternoon in which she literally set fire to Ann Coulters recent notebook, In Trump We Trust.

The republican pundit, fresh off her crash-and-burn performance at Comedy Centrals Rob Lowe roast last month, was scheduled to be a guest on the episode of Handlers Netflix talk show Chelsea set to start streaming early Friday morning. But as the studio gathering learned midway through Wednesdays taping, Coulter canceled her illusion at the last minute.

A disappointed Handler, who had been looking forward to squaring off with Coulter, did the most of the situation. Specifying up a bit early in the been demonstrated that likened headlines from The Drudge Report and The Huffington Post, the multitude joked, The trouble is that most report areas are biased. They simply filter through fibs that you already agree with. Thats why I always get my report from wherever Ann Coulter doesnt.

Another joke that would have stung Coulter hard reached at the end of that segment when one of Handlers columnists presented a WorldStarHipHop video of a young son clambering a refrigerator. I dont know what tribe that child was, but if Trump constructs that wall, inferno be allowed to clamber back over it, Handler remarked.

But it was during the part of the show in which Coulter was supposed to appear that Handler truly turned up the hot. Most talk establish hosts probably wouldnt have even mentioned the last-minute cancellation, but Handler decided to go in the opposite tack, calling in her friend and comedian Fortune Feimster to play Coulters form double, complete with long, blond wig.

Since I am always accused of not representing both sides in this election, I went out on a limb and booked one of “the worlds largest” vocal Trump allies in the two countries, Handler articulated of Coulter before acquainting her replacement. And you know what she did? She called in sick just before the establish today. Oh sorry, she emailed in sick.

Do you know how earnestly I take this responsibility? Handler resumed , no longer joking as she impounded Coulters book in the air. I was up at 5 a.m. this morning reading this segment of garbage.

Coulters replacement talked about how much she loves her notebook, how Comedy Central tricked her into participating in the roast, and declared shes used to being called the c-word. When Handler asked her to share some of her political beliefs with the gathering, Feimster drew out a dog-eared reproduce of the book and read what seems to be passings from it aloud, but were really some of the more notorious Coulter mentions from over the years.

It would be a much better country if females did not referendum, that is simply a fact, she spoke to grumbles from the gathering, illustrating, as Coulter did in an interview with The Guardian, that if simply humankinds had voted in every ballot since 1964 the Republican nominee would have won. Handler shot back, Which is exactly why females should be voting.

Asked if she, as the status of women, requires the right to vote, Feimster deadpanned, Im a woman, but I dont cherish it. Its not my favorite.

Other mentions singled out from Coulters repertoire included the time she articulated lesbians are the molecular opposites of blackness because everyone likes lesbians is moving forward next door, and the one in which she declared that the government should be spying on all Arabs, fully participate in torment as a televised eyewitnes boast, contributing Id watch.

Just as Hillary Clinton is employing Donald Trumps paroles against him in the campaign ads he thinks are so mean, Handler gave Coulters paroles speak for themselves. With each paraphrase, the gathering was beginning to boo louder and louder, effecting the comedian to answer, You guys clearly didnt read my book.

In all fairness, in defense of my gathering, its hard to get through that fucking shit, Handler said in response.

In an interrogation following the taping, Handler confirmed to The Daily Beast that she did read the entire notebook this morning before Coulter emailed to say she would be canceling her illusion. I was like, Oh my God, she articulated. But it was better to have Fortune regardless. It did it much more fun.

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