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Shani Davis rips US team after misplacing pennant bearer status on coin toss

Veteran speedskater Shani Davis has registered his disfavour after he lost his chance to become the flag bearer for the USA at the Winter Olympics Winter Olympics 2018 Shani Davis rips US team after misplacing flag bearer status on silver toss Speedskater was tied with Erin Hamlin for Olympic reputation Says USA crew played’ dishonorably’ … Read More

Shaun White seeks Olympic redemption in Pyeongchang

( CNN) He’s an icon in his boast and one of “the worlds largest” recognized and talked about anatomies at the Winter Olympics, but Shaun White has a score to settle at the Games. The US snowboarder, 31, is chasing Olympic redemption and a chance to relieve the gnawing disappointment of four years ago. Follow … Read More

Chloe Kim: radio multitude apologises after calling gold medalist ‘a red-hot piece of ass’

Barstool radio host Patrick Connor questions apology after announcing snowboarding champ Chloe Kim a bit hot piece of ass Winter Olympics Chloe Kim: radio emcee apologises after calling gold medalist ‘a red-hot piece of ass’ Kim won Winter Olympics amber in snowboard halfpipe Barstool host Patrick Connor announces his comments’ lame and gross’ Share on … Read More

Shaun White prevails US its 100 th Winter Olympics gold with epic halfpipe concert

next Image 1 of 3 Snowboarding myth Shaun White built Olympic history Wednesday when he won the U.S. its 100 th golden honour in its own history of the Winter Game. ( AP Photo/ Gregory Bull) prev next Image 2 of 3 Shaun White, of the United States, finishes his run during the men’s halfpipe … Read More

What Veterans Appear Like After A Decade Of War In The Countries of the middle east In 10+ Stunning Pics By David Jay& James Nachtwey

Wars never really objective, because even though they may finish on the battlefield, numerous ex-servicemen produce the campaign back home and are forced to live with them for the rest of their lives. This sad and sobering actuality is highlighted by Photographers like David Jay and James Nachtwey, “whove been” documenting young and seriously wounded … Read More

The first contention of the Winter Olympics — and it’s over the flag

( CNN) The Winter Olympics haven’t even officially started yet, and we already have our first controversy — and it’s over who’ll carry the US flag in the opening ceremony. On the other is Shani Davis — a decorated quicken skater and five-time Olympics qualifier. The flag bearer is normally chosen in a recorded vote … Read More

17 -Year-Old Red Gerard Wins First U.S. Olympic Gold

In his entry Olympics appearance Sunday, 17 -year-old American snowboarder Red Gerard grew the first U.S. athlete to assert a golden medallion at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics–and the youngest ever to take the top pillage in Olympic snowboarding.” I’m just mind-blown. I can’t believe everything used to work ,” Gerard said after his succes at … Read More

The Inescapable Agony of Olympic Spoilers

Going into the snowboarding finals of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Red Gerard’s chances of nabbing a medal ogled stark. He’d bumbled his first two drains, residence him second-to-last among the 12 snowboarders rivalling in slopestyle. But Gerard’s final performance was breathtaking–a series of gravity-defying jump-starts that launched him to the top of the scoreboard, … Read More

I Affection Watching Curling, and You Will Too

The first time I watched an Olympic bending match on television, I entertained a thought that is surely shared by everyone who recognizes the boast for the first time: What the inferno am I looking at? It was during the 2002 Tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I tuned in to the live feed … Read More

Index of Winter Olympics 2018 medal winners

close Video Winter Olympics: Ski Jumping and the athletes’ snug suits Fox News reads some remarkable information about the jumper’s garb from New York Ski Educational Foundation coach and veteran ski jumper, Colin Delaney. The 2018 Winter Olympic Tournament in Pyeongchang, South Korea, are officially underway — and each nation is going for the gold. … Read More

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