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Opinion: Tragic drone strike with airliner ‘inevitable’

( CNN) Editor’s note: Geoffrey Thomas is the Editor-in-Chief of The opinions expressed here are solely his. It now seems inescapable that a dreadful accident involving a commercial-grade plane with hundreds aboard and a drone is only a matter of time. JUST WATCHED The rise of drones

It’s Only January And Migrant Deaths In The Mediterranean Are Already Climbing

The first few weeks of 2017 are proven by just as somber as 2016 was for those attempting a better life in other regions of the world. Far fewer migrants are moving the trek from the Middle East and Africa to Europe but many more are dying en route. As of Jan. 15, 2,914 migrants … Read More

Lilian Calmejane triumphs Tour de France stage eight despite late assault of cramp

The Frenchman Lilian Calmejane overcame cramp to acquire theatre eight of the Tour de France as Chris Froome lived a brief off-road excursion to retain his yellow jersey This Tour will see the end of an epoch when the French housewives favourite Thomas Voeckler hangs up his rotates at persons below the age of 38 … Read More

Perplexing Rocks Found On Mars

Three and a half billion years ago Mars was a totally different plaza. Water was flowing, the environment was thicker, and maybe some basic different forms of life had progressed. Curiositys recent procures furnish more manifestation for flowing water, but establish brand-new a matter of the Red Planet. The boulders analyzed by Curiosity in the … Read More

Fibs behind the pictures of 2015: January to March

The people in the images of its first year including a free-climbing firstly and Peter Grestes release from an Egyptian jail A free-climbing first: Kevin Jorgeson reaches the summit of El Capitans Dawn Wall, Yosemite, California, 14 January I started to obsess about El Capitan in 2009, after watching footage of climbers on it. This … Read More

6 WTF Stumbling Blocks( That Almost Killed Famous Movies)

Despite being large projects that rely on the work of hundreds or even millions of people, Hollywood movies are always one psychotic outage, drunken mistake, or anxious producer away from be closed down and disappearing into annihilation. Just look at how close some blockbusters came to never existing at all … 6 Pixar Accidentally Deleted … Read More

Ohio zoo reopens exhibit where boy fell, gorilla was shot | Fox News

CINCINNATI- The Cincinnati Zoo reopened its gorilla exhibit Tuesday with a higher, reinforced hindrance invested after a young boy got into the exhibit and was dragged by a 400 -pound gorilla, when it was shot and killed. The exhibit’s reopening came a era after Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said he would not bring charges … Read More

6 Famed Targets That -AHoles Have Obliged Insufferable To See

By now, it should come as no surprise that people can be the absolute worst when they’re on vacation. It’s almost as if the airlines army everyone to ditch their brains at the check-in line exactly to save money on jet fuel. If you require our admonition( and you do — we’re good at this … Read More

Broths, Dollar Rise as Bonds Slip Amid Jobs Data: Marketplaces Wrap

U.S. inventories rose to fresh registers, the dollar reinforced and Treasuries descended as a spike in private hiring data bolstered confidence in the economy before Friday’s occupations report. Marketplaces mainly discounted the U.S. evacuation from the Paris climate pact. The S& P 500 Index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average shut at all-time highs. Banks … Read More

Tim Peake: British astronaut’s learning nears objective – BBC News

British astronaut Tim Peake is going through a gruelling round of final educate before liftoff to the International Space Station next month. Here at Russia’s Star City centre near Moscow, he and two colleague cosmonauts endured three hours in a Soyuz simulator this morning. Dressed in spacesuits, the three men clambered into the tiny capsule … Read More

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