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Sea lions frequently live in the ocean. So why are so many establish up on land?

A week ago, a seal lion puppy strolled into a fancy California restaurant. It was an adorable fib of a rebellious pup at The Marine Room in La Jolla, California. But it turns out the puppy, nicknamed Marina, wasn’t looking for red-hot brunch spot; she was looking for help. When sea lions can’t find nutrient, … Read More

Details emerge about Phillip ‘Phizzurp’ Klemenov’s lethal car accident

Image: Phizzurp/ youtube Investigators looking into the car shipwreck that killed professional Call of Duty participate Phillip “Phizzurp” Klemenov this weekend said that rapidity and alcohol may have been a factor, though his girlfriend who survived the ruin insisted that the 23 -year-old was sober at the wheel. One passenger, Marcelous Johnson, was also killed. … Read More

The real reasons for Brazil cares so much better whether Ryan Lochte lied

Lochte at an Aug. 12 Olympics press conference. Image: Matt Hazlett/ Getty Images Turns out the swimmer’s narrative doesn’t quite hold water. Brazilian officials said Thursday that stellar U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte fabricated his story about being cheated at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, inventing his tale of woe after a much different encounter with … Read More

How do you build a healthy city? Copenhagen discloses its secrets

The Danish capital grades high on the register of countries around the world healthiest and happiest metropolitans. With obesity and feeling on the rise worldwide, here are its exercises for how to combat them culturally How do you build a health metropolitan? Copenhagen exposes its secrets Environment How do you build a health metropolitan? Copenhagen … Read More

Stargazers have a chance to see shining light-green comet next week | Fox News

Comet 252 P/ LINEAR glows a vivid park from fluorescing gas in this composite photo taken away from Namibia on March 18, 2016, with a specialized telescope 12 inches in aperture.( Gerald Rhemann/ – See more at: http :// press-releases/ how-to-spot-comet-2 52 p-linear /# sthash.GgGlriwX.dpuf) When scientists started tracking Comet 252 P/ LINEAR, … Read More

Wall Street Bond Gurus Brace for Trump Shock, Expect Clinton Dud

Dealers in the $13.8 trillion Assets grocery are preparing for crisply conflicting next-day reactions to the U.S. referendum upshot, girding against Brexit-like volatility while still expecting relative calm. The day after Americans elect their next chairwoman, U.S. 10 -year yields will either dash by the most since the U.K.s June vote to leave the European … Read More

Bollywood comes to Yorkshire – and facilitates the UK film industry strike Gold – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Akshay Kumar, one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, has been filming in Britain Bradford, Doncaster and Rotherham are providing the backdrop for a major Bollywood film starring one of India’s biggest names – just one of the foreign makes contributing to Britain’s film-making boom. Anyone who happened to peer through … Read More

The rap class of 2016 comes of age at JMBLYA

Toronto rapper Jazz Cartier simply named the sold-out JMBLYA festival, which is a nice space of saying that he performed firstly. As the Polaris-nominated newcomer with two free mixtapes and two hot singles floating around Spotify, thats fine for now. Im like a wrestler, Im starting out, he tells the Daily Dot backstage hours after … Read More

U.S. Stocks Slip on Tech Drop, Dollar Up After Fed: Markets Wrap

U.S. stocks fell for the fourth time in five days as selling in technology shares resumed. The dollar advanced with Treasury provides, while golden diluted as traders digested the more hawkish tone struck by the Federal Reserve. Equity benchmarks stole from near record levels, technology shares pacing wanes. Commodity producers too retreated, as oil fell … Read More

Snapchat and Instagram remove Giphy feature due to racial slur GIF

Snapchat and Instagram have temporarily removed their Giphy GIF sticker facets after useds recognized an extremely racist GIF as an option to add to their personas. Snapchat confirms to TechCrunch “As soon as we were made aware, we removed the GIF and have incapacitated Giphy until we can be sure that this won’t happen again … Read More

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