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Media captionFootage appears to show Russian followers billing at England backers

Uefa has threatened to disqualify England and Russia from Euro 2016 if there is any further violence by fans.

It has begun disciplinary proceedings against Russia – but not England – after “totally unacceptable” backgrounds at Saturday’s England-Russia game.

Footage appeared to show Russia followers rush at England backers after the Euro 2016 1-1 stretch in Marseille.

Charges against Russia are for army disorders, racist action, and preparing off fireworks, Uefa confirmed.

There were issues with discrimination of followers, the body acknowledged, predicting security “wouldve been” “strengthened”.

The UK government said it had offered to send extra British police to France ahead of England’s next equal in Lens on Thursday.

Witnesses suggested trouble began in the stadium after flares were let off by Russian followers near the end of the game. Some then climbed across hindrances designed to keep rival followers apart.

‘Violence promotes serious questions’

Vardy’s wife tear-gassed in Marseille

Euro 2016: ‘England fans are not idiots’

Who do Europe’s newspapers accuse ?

A number of Russia backers appeared to knock and perforate fleeing England fans, “whos” forced to clamber over fencing to escape.

Earlier in the working day, England, Russia and neighbourhood followers were mired in ugly confrontations with riot police, with a number of murderous followers being taken to hospital.

‘Utter disgust’

In a strongly-worded statement, European football’s governing body said it would not hesitate to impose sanctions on either Russia or England should such violence occur again.

Measures included the potential exclusion of their respective squads from the tournament, it said.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Some Russia backers had smuggled in flares which they set off at the conclusion of its equal
Image copyright PA
Image caption A number of Russia followers rushed towards England fans at the conclusion of its equal
Image copyright AP
Image caption Some wearing scarves over their faces, while others wore mouth protectors and pushing gauntlets, one witness suggested
Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Numerous followers, including houses with children, tried to escape the disturb by madly climbing over the boundary barrier

Earlier Russia’s boasts pastor Vitaly Mutko suggested Uefa had “done the right thing” to start a disciplinary case against the Russian Football Union, R-Sport news agency reported.

“There were flares, there was a flare handgun, there had been confrontations in the stands, it’s are required to style all of this out, ” he had allegedly said.

“The followers were springing enormously, but there are people who do not come for the football.”

Also on Sunday, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve suggested alcohol restrictions near “sensitive” venues would be extended, with marketings restrictions on equal periods and the eve of equal days.

‘Slack’ security

England eyewitness who were at the equal have described a “desperate scramble” to escape billing Russia followers, some of who were wearing gum shields and MMA( mixed martial art) gauntlets, one witness claimed.

Cory McLeod, who was in the stadium, told the BBC: “A wall of Russian followers charged at our slouse, which had minors, ladies, and even some Russian followers in.

“I couldn’t see if any of them had weapons or anything but people were running rapidly, “its been” manic, merely a desperate scramble towards a large fence in the corner.”

Media captionNed Ozkasim: “A lot of the English followers tried to run away”

Others spoke of “slack” security. Sam Blackwell, from Kingston upon Thames, south-west London, said the only entering search was “a speedy pat down”.

“This would go a long way to explaining how the Russian followers get flares, fireworks and whatever the large-hearted bang was into the ground.”

Six British nationals remain in hospital and various more have received treatment, the UK government said.

FA chief executive Martin Glenn suggested a word from Uefa about fans’ action, was being treated with the “utmost seriousness”.

“We understand the potential implications of our supporters’ actions and wholly had recognized that every effort needs to be made by the FA to positively urge them to act in a responsible and respectful behavior, ” he said in a statement.

“Violent backgrounds like those witnessed over the weekend in Marseille have no residence in football , nor society as a whole.”

Sanctions against Russia will be decided at a disciplinary meeting on Tuesday, Uefa said.

BBC boasts writer Dan Roan suggested as legions of the 2018 World Cup, Russia was under intense scrutiny.

Uefa’s decision would also developed under investigation, he suggested, with Russia’s next equal against Slovakia taking place in Lille on Wednesday – the previous day England’s match against Wales merely 24 miles away in Lens.


Image copyright Lars Baron

by Phil McNulty, BBC chief football writer, in Marseille

From the moment England and Russia followers started filling into Marseille, there was an undercurrent of tension and violence that was transformed into backgrounds “thats been” a throwback to some of football’s worst hooligan extravagances of the past.

In the steamy, muggy home of this port municipality, with alcohol flowing freely, all the ingredients were in place for affairs that unfolded in the Vieux-Port de Marseille.

As a long, red-hot Saturday wore on towards a late kick-off, the view shifted to the beautiful, embroiling curves of the Stade Velodrome, culminating in the disgraceful the accidents that has just taken place merely seconds after full-time.

It was specially agitating given the high levels of security and patrolling that were in evidence all over the stadium as the authorities concerned remain on high alert after November’s Paris attacks. Security, here at the least, seemed in very short supply.

It was the kind of hooliganism the game’s sovereigns hoped had been stamped out but has reared its leader in sinister mode less than 48 hours into Euro 2016.

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Fans ‘caged’

Russia were previously punished for the behaviour of their followers inside stadia at all three of their radical activities during Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.

Its football union was penalty a total of 150, 000 and to have a hung six-point inference from its preparing campaign for Euro 2016. This was shortened on entreaty.

Image copyright Rebekah Vardy/ Twitter
Image caption Rebekah Vardy tweeted about her knowledge before the England match with Russia

Uefa said it had not taken specific actions against the English FA, as conflicts implying England fans before kick-off falls outside its remit.

Police in riot paraphernalium clashed with England fans in Marseille’s Old Port area and used tear gas for a third date on Saturday, as well as water cannon, as fist pushes and bottle throwing broke out.

Wife of England and Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, Rebekah, tweeted that she was among bystanders gassed and “caged” by French officials outside the stadium.

Media captionEuro 2016: French police volley tear gas in Marseille
Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption A murderous England fan was among a number detained by police
Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Police applied tear gas for a third date, as well as water cannon, by seeking to disperse followers

As many as 20 England fans were injured, with a number sent to hospital, and at the least one Briton is understood to be in a critical problem.

There were also confrontations in the towns of Nice between police and followers from Northern Ireland and Poland, who are due to play their opening equal later on Sunday. Six people were reportedly disabled, before prescribe was restored.

The UK government denounced the violence and urged mollifies on all sides.

It said it had offered to send police, including “spotters” to sit in the crowd at the next equal, to support the security busines, and British police would be assisting the French with their post-incident investigations.

It has also enhanced its Border Force presence at outbound ports.

Marseille’s Stade Velodrome next hosts a equal on Wednesday, when France play Albania.

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Media captionFootage appears to show Russian followers billing at England backers Uefa has threatened to disqualify England and Russia from Euro 2016 if there is any further violence by fans. It has begun disciplinary proceedings against Russia – but not England – after “totally unacceptable” backgrounds at Saturday’s England-Russia game. Footage appeared to show Russia … Read More

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