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JAMAJCA. DanceHall. Passa Passa. Nature. People. Culture. Sea. Fishes. Songs. Reggae. Kitesurfing.

Jamajca 2013. Bomboclat. Going on a Kitesurfing Holiday One of the best things you can do during a holiday is to discover a new activity. A kitesurfing holiday is ideal for you to explore the new extreme sport that’s taking the world by storm. What is kitesurfing all about? Well, it’s all about you, the … Read More

Great White Attacks Kitesurfer cameraman – South Africa

Great White Shark attack while filming kitesurfer in water. Due to the 1000’s of naive remarks made, we have disabled comments. Now simply enjoy the motion picture and compose your very own mind. Flying kites is originally a child’s past time. However that does no stop the adults from continuing to enjoy them. Kites have … Read More