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‘Ben And Lauren’ Recap: Nature, Woo

Ben and Lauren are back, ending well, shit, since project proposals already happened, might as well get married. Satisfy be kept in mind that they agreed last week to get married on national television, for love, NOT FOR MONEY, OKAY ?! producer is overwhelming them with hopes, because like, thats what she does, she fucking … Read More

Watch BASE Jumper Soar Down Past The Shard

It’s a long way down from near the highest level of The Shard in London. But it looks like a BASE jumper defied the descent and leapt from the 72 nd floor Western Europe’s tallest building on Saturday morning. Video and photos posted online appears to show a daredevil parachuting down next to the iconic … Read More

California wingsuit flier dies after rush from Arizona cliff

Mathew Kenney, 29, fell to his death on Tuesday while wingsuit-flying among remote cliffs on the Arizona-Utah border A California man has died while wingsuit-flying among remote cliffs on the Arizona-Utah border, experts said. The Coconino County Sheriffs Office said Wednesday that it is designing a plan to recover their own bodies of Mathew Kenney, … Read More

Bones of Utah outlaw who hit park ranger may be in cave by honor seeker

Student Caleb Shumway, 23, discovers remains of Lance Leeroy Arellano, 40, who wounded ranger Brody Young in 2010 encounter at trailhead near Moab The remains of a mortal police conceive film and wounded a Utah country common ranger in 2010 and scaped more than 100 officers in a desert manhunt were found on Thursday, permissions … Read More

Why Danger Is Stimulating But Only To Some Parties

It has been the most deadly summer for wingsuit flying to date. But what stimulates some people want to basi jump out of a cliff, orgy drink to limbo or hitchhike with strangers while others dont even experience a rollercoaster move? Is there such a thing as scaredy-cat gene or a daredevil mentality formation? Or … Read More

What Your Quarter-Life Crisis Looks Like, According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ENFJ You simply want to stimulate people, man. You reckon their own lives as a tiny seed and each selfless activity as a decline of liquid, each routine of self-care as a handful of fertilizer, and each routine of originality as a ray of sunbathe. Too much or too little of any of those acts, … Read More

Watch This Wingsuited Daredevil Pull Off The Highest BASE Jump Ever

Mankind has just expanded its vertical empire thanks to Russian daredevil Valery Rozov, who earlier this month adjusted a new world register for the highest BASE jump in history. Clambering to an icy roost on the southwest area of Cho Oyu in the Himalayas, the 51 -year-old plummeted from a high levels of 7,700 meters( … Read More

Two BASE jumpers presumed dead after leaping off iconic California bridge | Fox News

Two BASE jumpers are presumed dead after leaping off an iconic California bridge, governments said on Tuesday. The Monterey County Herald reported that authorities first realized the two jumpers were missing on Saturday, although the climb is thought to have existed Wednesday morning. They said the woman who hopped off the Bixby Bridge in Big … Read More

7 Areas in Improving Your Basketball Game

  Becoming a better basketball player doesn’t happen over night. It involves serious work, discipline, dedication, and the love of the game to become the player you want to be. So to help you out on your way to become a better basketball player in the future, here are 7 areas you need to improve: … Read More

Base Jumping: A Truly Extreme Sport

  Source: Flickr BASE jumping is not a sport for the faint of heart. Athletes who practice this extreme sport climb to the top of tall buildings, canyons, or other structures; jump off; enjoy a period of free falling; then open a parachute and coast to the ground. The acronym BASE stands for building, antennae, … Read More

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