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Daring wingsuit jumper operates over active volcano | Fox News

Would you hop over an active volcano? ( iStock) Jumping out of an airplane 15,000 ft. above a volcano is exactly another era for 35 -year-old Roberta Mancino. It wasnt the most difficult jump Ive be done in order to a wingsuit, Mancino told Barcroft Media. But it was obviously intense. After realise fellow wingsuit … Read More

How Dubai became an adrenaline junkie paradise

( CNN) “Build it and they will come” has been Dubai’s philosophy since the city went into architectural overdrive at the turn of the 21 st century. As towers have stacked up and new heights scaled, through layout or co-occurrence Dubai has become a playground for adrenaline buffs, assaulting the city from land, sea and … Read More

BASE jumper lucky to be alive after shocking wingsuit crash caught on camera

BASE jumper Eric Dossantos, 30, from San Diego, California, is lucky to be alive after a horrifying wingsuit disintegrate left him with multiple busted bones. Dossantos was “flying” employing a wingsuit at a hasten of 90 mph in picturesque Chamonix, France, on Sept. 29 when he miscalculated and clipped the top of a tree, mailing … Read More

The Excruciating, 200 -MPH World of Wingsuit Racing

Joe Ridler has climbed out of an airplane practically 700 occasions in his life, but when he makes the leap earlier in the day, the goals and targets will be about more than reaching the ground safely. It will be to fly through the air faster, farther, and for longer than anyone else in the … Read More

People Are Awesome: Good Videos Of The Year 2016

A year of awesomeness and parties. So People Are Awesome put together a best of video of 2016 and publish it after eleven of twelve months. What if the really best videos are still to come within the next four weeks? The parties don’t attend, this is something that video already has over 300.000 scenes( … Read More

Far-famed BASE Jumper Dies In Wingsuit Accident

This is so sad. Alexander Polli , a world-renowned skydiver and a innovator in BASE jumping, has died in the French Alps after a wingsuit crash on Monday. He was just 31 years old. Polli apparently gate-crashed into a tree while jumping in a region near Chamonix, France, the hell is favourite, but VERY dangerous, … Read More

Wingsuit Base jumper Steph Davis describes propping on and giving become

When pro climber and Base jumper Steph Davis lost her husband in a disintegrate, she considered stepping off her favorite rush recognise without a parachute Despite two decades as health professionals climber, putting up free solo and first risings of noticeable peaks around the world, Steph Davis isnt what the hell are you word-painting when … Read More

8 Massive Calamity In Marketing No One Noticed

People are too easily offended these days, or so we’re told. So in this atmosphere of political correctness, you’d make firebrands would be obsessive about not, answer, including accidental remarks to Nazis or child abuse in their gala concoction labels. You’d be wrong. # 8. Bud Light Attempts To Remove “No” From Your Vocabulary, If … Read More

Why are deadly extreme athletics most popular than ever?

Five people died in the French Alps last weekend in boasting occurrences from paragliding to wingsuit running. What pushes people to test the eventual limits of their own security? Darios ready, tells Dario Zanon. Three, two, one, tells Graham Dickinson. Vive la France! they both wail as they leap from the summit of Le Brvent … Read More

The coolest regions to extend zip lining in “the worlds” | Fox News

( ArborTrek Canopy Adventures/ Facebook) Escape from your everyday life, break out of your solace zone and suffer the excite of nothing lining You have always wanted to know what it can still feel wing, but sky diving and BASE hopping i s merely too risky for you. Thats okay, nothing liner gives people the … Read More

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