Cardiff firefighters in ‘world record’ ladder climb – BBC News

Image copyright Huw Jakeway Image caption Firefighters are climbing a 13.5 m ladder until the high levels of Mount Everest is achieved

Using exactly one ladder, 20 firefighters scaled the height of Mount Everest in a world-record assault in Cardiff.

Crews from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service clambered 8,848 m( 29,029 ft) – the equivalent of higher mountain in the world – on Saturday

The firefighters, dressed in full paraphernalium and wearing oxygen cisterns, departed up the ladder 1365 times in about four hours to finish the challenge.

Chief Fire Officer of SWFR Huw Jakeway said it was a unique challenge.

Starting at 11:00 BST the team, from Cardiff Central Fire Station scaled the ladder outside St David’s Shopping Centre in the Welsh capital.

The firefighters took 4 hours 17 minutes and 22 seconds to finish the world-record strive, cheered on by Fireman Sam.

Image copyright Huw Jakeway Image caption Going up, and up, and up
Image copyright @tom_anyname Image caption The firefighters utilized another ladder was coming
Image copyright Huw Jakeway Image caption Fireman Sam, depicted with Chief Fire Officer Huw Jakeway, cheered on the crew as they took part in the record struggle
Image copyright Huw Jakeway Image caption The team developed millions of pounds for charity during the record try in Cardiff City Centre

Mr Jakeway told BBC Wales plenty of shoppers in the city stopped is in favour of firefighters in their charity challenge.

He announced: “This has never been did before so the team are looking to set “the worlds” record.”

After the challenge the gang tweeted: “We did it! We clambered the height of Everest in Full Kit/ BA’s! Great fun and great support.”

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