Bro pilot commends fares for finishing all the flight’s alcohol

Oakland Raiders defensive demise Khalil Mack( 52) celebrates with love after tallying a touchdown during the first half of an NFL football game against the Carolina Panthers in Oakland, Calif ., Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016.( AP Photo/ Tony Avelar )
Image: AP

Raiders love emphatically get the party started early.

On Dec. 7 during a three-hour flight from Oakland to Kansas City, a fight full of Invader devotees finished all of the alcohol aboard their aircraft, and the captain got on the PA system to congratulate them for the Herculean task.

Sports journalist and emcee of Raiders Talk podcast Jimmy Durkin was on the flight to report their success 😛 TAGEND

After some quick backlash about playing their tournament the next day hungover, Durkin was sure to note that by “Raiders flight, ” he signified the plane was full of the football team’s followers, and the actual Raiders were on a separate flight.

Durkin told Fox News that the fliers were, Not particularly rowdy, and that this was, “Pretty standard fare for a flight to a city where the Raiders are playing.

We wonder if the party get as hard on the way home after the team’s lamentable 13 -2 1 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hopefully the revert flight stocked even more booze for the dedicated fans.

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