Bridgestone wants Olympics athletes to use these airless tires in the 2020 games

Bridgestone is following up onthe” air-free abstraction” tire it showed off six years ago with a same commodity built for cycling.

Photo via Bridgestone

The wheels are made of a strict thermoplastic resin that is designed to assimilate the road and supply a smooth razz knowledge for cyclists. The curved address that sit on the inner part of the structure help the tire maintain its shape as it wanderings across different terrain. A tire without air too symbolizes bikers wont be stranded on the side of the road with a flat. The abstraction is similar to the airless tweel tire Michelin made back in 2005, which can be found organized on anything from creation system to golf carts.

When Tokyo-based Bridgestone proved off its airless automobile wheels back in 2011, it said the leak-free information could reduce CO2 emissions by increasing efficiency. With its motorcycle design, it hopes to reduce consume by using a fully-recyclable commodity that can be remade where reference is starts to wear down.

The company expects to release the tire to shoppers in 2019 in advance of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. To be used for the game, though, it will need to get allow by the governing board in time for biking events.If granted, Japan can add another examplethat proves off its dedication to saving the planet.

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