Brad Meltzer: Why Neil Armstrong is realizing news again

( CNN) Neil Armstrong is establishing news again. Some might think it’s because of the upcoming 50 th commemoration of the moon arrive, or the brand-new Ryan Gosling film “First Man, ” or specially the facts of the case that Donald Trump is publicly grumbling about said movie and whether or not the American flag has enough screen day. But in my judgment, the real conclude Neil Armstrong is back is because we need him. More than ever.

For times, in our “I Am” book series, I’ve analyse and written about American heroes. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: You don’t get the heroes you want; you get the heroes you need. So look around — and search especially at Neil Armstrong’s sudden revitalization. Surely, his greatest attainment was being the first person to walk on the moon. But in 2018, what’s equally important are the lessons he gave us throughout his journey.

Lesson# 1 — Humility matters

‘One giant bounce for mankind’

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