Bones of Utah outlaw who hit park ranger may be in cave by honor seeker

Student Caleb Shumway, 23, discovers remains of Lance Leeroy Arellano, 40, who wounded ranger Brody Young in 2010 encounter at trailhead near Moab

The remains of a mortal police conceive film and wounded a Utah country common ranger in 2010 and scaped more than 100 officers in a desert manhunt were found on Thursday, permissions said.

Skeletal remains believed to be those of Lance Leeroy Arellano were discovered in a narrow cave near Moab, the Grand county sheriffs place said in a press statement. Arellano was 40 when he disappeared.

Five years ago officers spent periods researching rugged desert canyons and caves for Arellano after recognizing him as the suppose in the shooting of Utah common ranger Brody Young.

Young, who was 34 at the time, was strong enough to survive the shooting with injuries to his arm, leg and abdomen.

The sheriffs place announced a university student discovered the remains in the cave. Nearby was a purse containing a handgun, ammo and binoculars.

The student, Caleb Shumway, 23, who attends Utah Valley University, told you he and his 15 -year-old brother had decided to invest two weeks over wintertime flout searching for Arellano a mission their police officer father contributed significantly to five years earlier. An superb $30,000 wage for Arellano was part of the draw, Shumway said.

For a poverty-stricken university student thats reasonably pleading, he said.

Shumway added that resolving the case was a big situation for the community of Moab. Theres lots of closure that would come with determining this person because nobody really knew if he was dead or alive, he explained.

Shumway, an Eagle Scout who grew up exploring caves and canyons in the area, said he was confident he could find Arellanos body after studying the speciman and debating the search country with his father.

I kind of had a good suggestion of what had happened, he said.

He and his brother were two days into their research when they discovered a bone and the purse with the gun near the mouth of a cave on Wednesday.

Shumway hopped down and under stones and took scenes. Then they met with police Thursday and took officers back out to the locate. They felt more skeletal remains, clothing and the other knapsack with another gun deeper in the cave.

Shumway said he believed the first bone and purse he spotted had been recently dragged to the caves mouth by live animals. He was still awaiting statement for purposes of determining whether he would get the reward.

Authorities announced indication leave behind the remains conducted investigators to believe it was Arellano but they did not offer further details.

The remains were being sent to the country medical examiner to be identified.

Young was shot when he approached Arrellano in his car near the Poison Spider Mesa Trailhead on 19 November 2010, according to permissions. Young told Arrellano that he was in a no-camping area and when he attempted to verify the mans refer and birthdate, he was shot several times in the back.

Police imagined Arrellano may have been injured as Young reverted fire.

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