Bodyboarding – Teahupoo Challenge 2003 – excerpt 1

In June 2003 the very best Bodyboarders on the planet rode the largest swell ever before ridden on Bodyboards at the heaviest Wave on earth, Teahupoo, Tahiti …

Highly Skilled Water Sports

When parents took their children to lakes during the summer they were intent on teaching their children to ski. These unsuspecting parents had no idea what their children might choose to do with that newly acquire talent. At first the parents were all in favor of the many hours that their children chose to spend outside. They were not privy to the fact that all of that time was spent on skis learning various tricks.

The parents were very positive about skiing because they felt that this water sport was a good physical activity that would keep their children busy and out of trouble for the better part of the summer. Looking outside once in a while might have given them a reason to change their minds. If they had, they might have had a hand in training their children for the things that were occurring in the middle of the lake.

The parents never gave it a second thought when they saw ramps being built on docks in the center of the lake. They did notice the increase in high speed boats on the water and made a mental note to check in to that fact with the neighbors. They wanted to caution their children to stay out of the way of those boats, but even if they had remembered it would have been too late.

When water sports are enjoyed by children without parental controls, they have a tendency to get very extreme in a very short amount of time. The superb craftsmanship in water skis in use today is very different from the skis that parents used when they went water skiing as a child and the new age athletes get totally addicted to this particular water sport.

The things that can be done on the new designs in water skis are definitely different from the old days. The ski designs are made with lighter materials that allow them to soar through the air and twist and turn with precision accuracy that people grew to love the sports extremely well. Water skiing has turned into extreme water sports that require extremely refined skills and nerves of steel.

Parents are in awe of the number of feats that can be accomplished on skis and some people simply wonder how some skiers manage the moves that they do when they rise up out of the water behind the ski boat with no skis on their feet. Even if the skis are lightweight, there are some water sports enthusiasts that prefer to ski barefoot. They are still able to achieve great heights when they ski but they prefer to experiment with the no shoes approach that they consider a skill.

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19 Responses to Bodyboarding – Teahupoo Challenge 2003 – excerpt 1

  1. shorebreak69

    seriosly guys,,,, get to your feet. 

  2. Liam Fellows

    if you want barrel rolls you normally dont try to find them on a video from

  3. Louis Dickson

    mike stewart best ever

  4. MAT T

    I’m a surfer and have all the admiration and respect for these guys! The
    fact is these fukin sick, gnarly guys are just doing what they love, who
    cares whether its surfing or bodyboarding! In fact a lot of true surfers
    will agree its often better being out with bodyboarders than other surfers
    because the impact of their boards is less hazardous and these guys sit in
    other spots and allow a more even spread in the lineup:)


    chee boisss. 

  6. wetrib

    Well look at that. Spongers dont need to get towed in by jet ski. 

  7. EEJJ2011

    You are trying to tell me you are older than 35 years old and yet you are
    so precious about what boards people ride. You are destined to die alone. 

  8. Jake Carter

    you obviously have no experience in surfing and have no respect.. so why
    dont u just go back to jacking off to nude pictures in your moms basement.

  9. hynskindivah97882



    He said exponential, watch out we’ve got a genius over here!

  11. jsafc 13

    Hulk at 2:00

  12. Alonso Wiener

    Dude, the only thing you gotta learn from this is respect. We like
    bodyboarding here, go on with your life and keep on surfing.

  13. a_n_swanner

    My favorite part about this is that you are a surfer who came to a
    bodyboarding video just to leave a hate comment. Shows that you dont have
    any respect. Also, you suck :)

  14. molomono

    Actually, the concept of surfing is harder than bodyboarding, but the sport
    isn’t. Just like skiing and snowboarding. They both have their pros, cons
    and limitations. I personally love the flow of water around my body so i
    spend most of my time bodyboarding or body surfing, but depending on the
    kind of waves surfing upright might be more enjoyable. 

  15. Conrad Szuladzinski

    fucking sick!!!!! way beyond my level at 3ft laguna hahha, 

  16. Coys Vintage

    Do not watch this video, as people who made this video think it fine and
    cool show a dog what got problem and can see in bad Heath miss treated not
    looked after got bad skin condition lost it coat

  17. Joe Hallam


  18. Diguila fernandes


  19. Hineskitt Velvett


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