Blood bikers: The voluntary motorcyclists who help the NHS – BBC News

Across the UK, a group of volunteer motorcyclists is helping the NHS by extraditing blood. What motivates them, requests Simon Fry.

Isabel Kydd is on call for 80 hours of one week every month.

At very little notice, she can be woken in the night and find herself travelling a motorbike with a crucial bringing for a hospital.

But she’s not an NHS employee. She’s just a volunteer, one of 1,400 advanced qualified riders of the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikers( NABB ).

In 2013, the association’s bikers responded to around 35,000 rapid ferry petitions from 262 UK hospitals. They are almost a Deliveroo for the NHS.

It’s not just blood, with the bikers likewise extraditing surgical tools, human milk, spinal flowing, faecal matter( for faecal transplants) and even rabies serum shown via panniers on their powerful motorbikes.

Find us on Facebook Image caption Kydd’s niece, Caitlin, who was having cancer treatment, “had big-hearted, beefy bikers wiping their eyes” Image caption NHS hospitals may need blood bringings at any time of day or darknes Image caption The blood bikers may also be called upon to deliver surgical implements or vital serums

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