Bizarre Photo Appears To Show Snake EATING Its Way Out Of Another Snake

What the blaze did these two serpents get up to? Regrettably, both snakes took the secret to the mausoleum. However, parties have been left pretty confusedover the photograph, which appears to show a black snakeeating its way out of a brown serpent that hadtried to eat it.

Geoff Mitchell took the photo around threeweeks ago in Griffith, New South Wales, after investigating the entangle of snakes by the side of the road. Where else but Australia?

When radio 3AW asked what he thought went on, Mitchell responded: I triedto study it on the internet and it seems quite common for dark-brown snakes to ingest pitch-black snakes, but I have viewed nothing where one snake has perforated a gap through another … Mitchell hinted apredator such as a hawkmay have inadvertently helped the pitch-black snake get away by assaulting the dark-brown one.

Dominique Salvestrin, who lives near where the serpents search for and, moved the persona to Australia Zoo via Facebook to askif they could explain the curious case.The zoo answered, suggesting: This is indeed unusual…We can’t envisage a pitch-black serpent clambering into another snake but this entire statu is very strange. We would still suggest that the dark-brown one was feeing the black, but we will never know for sure.

Hi Australia Zoo,

This photo was taken around 2 weeks ago on my family’s owned in Griffith, NSW. Both snakes were…

Posted by Dominique Salvestrin onThursday, 29 October 2015