Bill Gates Asks Young People To Addressing climate change And Sexism

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation secreted their annual word on Tuesday — and this one’s for the teenagers.

The Gates addressed this year’s note to the people they see as having some of the greatest influence when it comes to changing the world: high schoolers. Announcing upon the next generation of world leaders, the character asks young people to think about how they can be a force-out for good in the world.

The Gates pose the question, “If you had one superpower what would it be? ” and ask young people to think about their #superpowerforsocialgood.

The annual character lays out the founders’ hopes, schemes and the next end for their funds to address world problems. In previous years they’ve focused on the next frontier in international increase, such as mobile banking for the poor or the best interests of the foreign aid.

Here are 10 world-wide questions Bill and Melinda Gates challenged young people to help solve in this year’s letter:

1. Change Your Lifestyle To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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“Many parties, and you may be one of them, are also changing their lifestyles to keep force. They’re biking and carpooling to save gas, moving down the hot a pair grades, lending insulation to their homes.

All of these efforts help cut down on energy use.” – Gates letter

2. Challenge Sexist Stereotypes

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“This is 2016 , not the 1970 s or the 1950 s. If you’re an American, three out of four moms at your school have a undertaking. Your papa maybe does at least some cooking. The world has changed a lot.

I know from listening to my children and their friends that most girlfriends don’t think they will be stuck with the same rules that stopped their grandmothers in the residence. And most sons agree with them.” – Gates letter

3. If It Fascinates You, Pursue STEM In School

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“If you’re someone with some crazy-sounding ideas to solve our energy defy, the world necessitates you. Investigate extra hard in your math and disciplines. You might just have the answer.” – Gates letter

4. Value Unpaid Work, Which Is Mostly Done By Women Globally. But Then Work To Generate More Possibilities For Them As Well.

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“Unless thoughts change, girls today will waste hundreds of thousands more hours than boys doing unpaid task simply because culture usurps it’s their responsibility.

Unpaid work is what it pronounces it is: It’s production , not play, and you don’t get any fund for doing it. Who packs your lunch? Who fishes the sweaty socks out of your gym purse? ” – Gates letter

5. Discover About Why Energy Topic When It Runs To Facilitating The World’s Poorest

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“If I could have just one wish to help the poorest people, it would be to find a cheap, clean informant of energy to supremacy our world.

You might be wondering, ‘Aren’t beings just trying to stay health and find enough to eat? Isn’t that important extremely? ‘ Yes, of course it is, and our footing is working hard to help them. But vitality makes all those things easier. It means you can run infirmaries, light up academies, and use tractors to grow more food.” – Gates letter

6. Demonstrate Girls More Time To Dream Big

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“[ Think of] the second thing maidens could be doing if they didn’t spend so much better era on prosaic assignments. What amazing objectives would you accomplish with an extra hour every day? Or, in the event of its daughters in many poor countries, an extra five or more?

Many wives would spend more season doing paid run, starting ventures, or otherwise contributing to the economic well-being of cultures around the world.” – Gates letter

7. Grasp The Reality Of Climate Change


“I’m sure you have read about climate change and maybe studied it in institution. You might be worried about how it will affect you. The truth is, the people who will be punched the more difficult are the world’s poorest.

Millions of the poorest families operate as farmers. Changes in condition often mean that their crops won’t ripen because of too little rainwater or too much rain. That sinks them deeper into poverty.” – Gates letter

8. Help Advocate For Paid Leave For Moms And Dads

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“Studies show that when fathers are able to take time off from paid study when “their childrens” are born, they spend more time with their teenagers and doing another type of housework for years to come.

As a solution, they model a stronger bail with their partners and children. That’s one reason why I make access to paid family and medical leave is so important for families.” – Gates letter

9. Invent New Tech To Facilitate Improve Lives In Small Ways

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“In poorer countries, most women still pull sea, clean robes by hand, and cook over an open ignite. The solution is innovation, and you can help.

Some of you will become designers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and software developers. I invite “youve got to” take on the challenge of serving the poor with inexpensive, clean vitality, better streets, and moving irrigate. Can you suspect a machine that washes robes exploiting no electricity and relatively limited ocean? ” – Gates letter

10. Let Yourself To Make Mistakes — That’s How The Best Ideas Come To Life!

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“Many of these impressions won’t occupation, but that’s okay. Each dead end will educate us something useful and keep working moving forward.

But to find thousands of ways that won’t act, you first need to try thousands of different ideas. That’s not happening nearly enough.” – Gates letter

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