Beyonc paid Amandla Stenberg the most wonderful congratulate ever

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Amandla Stenberg’s career are formally reached its flower and she knows how adjourn and float away into a Beyonc-themed utopia.

On the situated of the visual book Lemonade , Beyonc paid the 17 -year-old actress an otherworldly compliment: that she requires her daughter Blue Ivy to grow up to be like her.

In an interview for Glamour, Stenberg narrated first session Beyonc on the Lemonade prepared 😛 TAGEND

Beyonc comes up to me, and she goes, “Hello, Amandla. I just wanted to tell you I require Blue to be just like you, ” and I felt like the mitts of God were like gently caressing my entire body and soul, like I felt like I had reached nirvana.

Beyonc passed Stenberg probably the greatest kudo possible, which propelled Stenberg into an incredible, hitherto dangerous day on set.

Stenberg went on to tell Glamour that she and Zendaya dreaded for safety issues when they had to climb up a high tree within the framework of the shoot.

Me and Zendaya had the task of clambering up this ladder into this tree that was very far off the dirt, and we were wearing these like petticoats that were so long, like dragging on the field and ends, and we have now climb up these ladders, and we were joking with each other, we were like, “If this is how we die, that’s okay.” It’s okay because we’re at a Beyonc shoot, and we could die for her, and itd be fine.

Luckily, Stenberg did not die for Beyonc at the Lemonade hit. But after getting such an amazing praise from Beyonc, she can surely die happy.

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