Bear mauls Alaska outdoor teach

Leader of backcountry trek in Alaska Panhandle is taken a number of helicopter to hospital, a few days after grizzly attacked bear hunter along Denali Highway

A man who learns classes on the outdoors was mauled by a abide during a mountaineering class in the Alaska Panhandle, is in accordance with a university spokeswoman.

Forest Wagner, 35, of Fairbanks, was with groupings of 12 students on Mt Emmerich near Haines, Alaska, when he was attacked, is in accordance with University of Alaska Southeast spokeswoman Kate Bausler. A student hiked down the mountain to get cell receipt and call for help.

Wagner was taken to Providence hospital in Anchorage, is in accordance with a statement from the university.

His condition was not immediately available, but colleges and universities said he was stable.

Wagner had been producing groupings of 11 both students and two belief deputies when Wagner was assaulted by a bear with rookie, the statement said. No students were hurt.

According to Wagners learning schedule, he was scheduled to come down off of the mountain by Tuesday. He has been co-ordinating and teaching in the outdoor examines curriculum at colleges and universities since 2006, according to his profile. He schools boulder and ice climbing, backcountry navigation, glacier traveling and mountaineering.

Alaska state trooper got a call from the Haines police district about midday Monday. According to their report they removed Wagner from the mountain by helicopter and met up with a medical helicopter that took him to a hospital.

The bear was sighted again after the mauling, Bausler said. The students in the mountaineering class were taken down from the mountain and were wasting the darknes in Haines with another professor. Haines is about 90 miles north of Juneau and accessible simply by air or sea.

Students were planned in order to take a boat back to Juneau on Tuesday, Bausler said.

Wagner was the second man attacked by a allow in Alaska within days.

Troopers said bear hunter Glenn Bohn, 77, of Wasilla was assaulted by a grizzly near Mile 68 of the Denali Highway just after 1.30 pm on Friday.

The 135 -mile road operates east to west and connects the Richardson and Parks roads east of Denali national park.

Bohns hunting collaborator killed the assume. Bohn was driven by snowmobile to the Denali highway where a medical helicopter flew him to an Anchorage hospital where he was recovering.

Wildlife troopers, employees of the Alaska department of fish and tournament and the group of friends of Bohn removed the bring from the field on Saturday.

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