Baseball and surfing among five plays are in addition to Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has approved the additive of surfing, karate, baseball/ softball, sport climbing and skateboarding to the programme for the Tokyo Games

On the eve of an Olympics riven with fright over the future of the Recreation, organisers have added a further five athletics to the programme for Tokyo 2020 in the hope of increasing its appeal to younger audiences.

Following decades where the status quo was roughly retained until the reintroduction of golf and rugby sevens for Rio, another five sports will be added to the programme for the next Olympics.

The international federations behind surfing, karate, baseball/ softball, sport rise and skateboarding were celebrating after the International Olympic Committee approved the addition of all five to the programme for the Tokyo Games.

IOC members unanimously agreed to introduce the pack of athletics, a decision that had been widely expected.

Baseball was last included in the Olympics in Beijing in 2008 but the four other athletics are all brand-new to the Games and are considered part of an attempt to widen its appeal.

However, there was some opposition from the flooring of the IOC session as some members wondered whether a baseball tournament without professional American MLB players would lead to a similar arguing to that which has afflicted the reappearance of golf.

The decision will lend 18 affairs and 474 athletes, even as the IOC tries to balance innovation with a have committed themselves to move the Games easier to stage and less bloated.

The International Surfing Association chairperson, Fernando Aguerre, said it was a game-changing time for the sport.

We are especially stoked for the athletes who now have their own dream to shoot for to compete for their countries on the greatest boast stagecoach, he said.

We cant wait to see the worlds best becoming brain to head on the movements in Tokyo and millions of channel-surf devotees enjoying in the race and the magnificent celebration feeling of the beach party.

The IOC president, Thomas Bach, who held this week that the Russian doping crisis had not injured the Olympics, suggested: We want to take boast to the boy. With the many options that young people have, we cannot expect any more that they will come automatically to us. We have to go to them.

Tokyo 2020 s offset recommendation fulfils all of the objectives set out in the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendation that allowed it. Taken together, the five sports are an innovative combination of identified and emerging, youth-focused episodes that are popular in Japan and will add to the legacy of the Tokyo Games.

Mori announced: The inclusion of the box of brand-new athletics will yield young jocks the chance of a lifetime to realise their fantasies of vying in the Olympic Game the worlds greatest boasting theatre and induce them to achieve their best, both in boast and in life.

The athletics will be added to the programme for just a single Games, with the multitude of the 2024 Game to be chosen next year from a listing including Los Angeles and Paris proposing their own additions.

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