BASE jumper lucky to be alive after shocking wingsuit crash caught on camera

BASE jumper Eric Dossantos, 30, from San Diego, California, is lucky to be alive after a horrifying wingsuit disintegrate left him with multiple busted bones.

Dossantos was “flying” employing a wingsuit at a hasten of 90 mph in picturesque Chamonix, France, on Sept. 29 when he miscalculated and clipped the top of a tree, mailing him revolving back to earth. He afterward woke in a infirmary after expend 3 hour on the forest floor until trail workers came to his rescue.

In an interview on BASE climbing site Top Gun Base, Dossantos replies that everything was going quite well in the jump, and it wasn’t until just before blow that he detected a problem.

“It wasnt until about the last five seconds that I seemed the trees below me getting closer than I expected or craved. Everything before that seemed flyable to me, ” told Dossantos.

According to a GoFundMe page setup by his pals to expedite him pay with his medical invoices, Dossantos lost multiple hurts, including a scapula rupture, left cervix abrasion, clavicle rupture, three left side rib ruptures, chief damage and multiple lacerations.

“I should have died on a wingsuit disintegrate in France, ” Dossantos wrote on his Facebook page in early October.

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