Bandit The Raccoon Craves A Tasty Treat: Precisely Watch How He Goes It!

Theres a intellect they call him Bandit!

Raccoons are sneaky and sly beings who are in a position disrupt your curbside scrap, haggling with your residence “cat-o-nine-tail”, and just plain seem suspicious with their natural pitch-black disguise face.

However, this rascal of a racoon is the creme of the crop.

Bandit has actually been trained by his human owner. Apparently the committee is pet racoons out there, but being naturally wild animals with pretty gnarly claws, having one of these as a pet is not highly recommended.

This woman did study, or attempt to develop, her domesticated raccoon. Bandit rushes up in the air on her mastery to grab the snack from the owner. But after a few attempts, Bandit abandons his training courses and decides to go at it old school mode. He says, this leap business is for the birds, Im climbing you like a tree to get that snack you be dangling in front of me. And so Bandit get for it and naturally his owned maniacs! Check this comical video out to see how it all goes down!

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