As part of giant, citywide competition everyone will be searching for 3D-printed playthings

Tiny toy robots may be some of the dolls conceal all over .
Image: Kirill Kallinikov/ Sputnik via AP

Let’s play a game and include an entire city.

That’s the idea behind one Reddit pole that proposed structure a citywide scavenger hunting in San Francisco with hundreds of 3D printed toys.

The man behind the post is Ben Baltes, a 25 -year-old software developer who is a co-founder of a 3D publish toy start-up in Oakland. In a phone call Monday with Mashable, Baltes said he’s been thinking about the project for about two years and is framing it as “more of an experiment than a game.”

He a core group of game planners, have settled on calling it “Hidden City” and are serious about acquiring it happen. Baltes posted the relevant recommendations on Reddit last-place Tuesday and said if he got more than 150 “up-votes” he’d continue planning. In less than a few weeks he’s received more than 400 votes.

He and his crew plan to strewed 200 dolls across the city a ape climbing a telephone pole, a mouse near a trough, or a sloth on a railing, for instance. Each critter will have a unique connection and/ or QR code printed on it, which will precede the finder to a website about the figurine and its circulates throughout the city.

Finders can post about their experience obtaining the doll or include a draw with the toy participates are encouraged to get creative on how they’ll contribute to the game. Then video games prolongs because, within 12 hours of finding the plaything, the finder obscures it in a new point for someone else to detect. And on and on it goes.

An open Slack path for video games is serve devoted play developers organize video games, which will hopefully debut following the completion of February, Baltes said. A shared spreadsheet is also fitted with enterprises including app improvement, plaything initiation, game lope, expenses and other details.

Baltes announced publishing 200 critters and ogres will be season ingesting because it takes about four to five hours to reproduce one doll. His 3D publication start-up is patronizing the project, though, and catering slew of access to printers.

The small Reddit community has joined coerces with Baltes so he’s not overseeing his side project on his own, but he misses video games to become a bigger community effort. He contemplates it catching on and spreading to other cities, or being a total flop if people just take the toys or troll the website.

But mainly Baltes “thought it would be cool to publish things to find” and track where they disappear. “This is my great efforts to build “the worlds” a little more interesting.”

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