Nervousnes Is A Mountain You Can Clamber, No Matter How Daunting It May Seem

Anxiety it begins firstly as a snowstorm in your belly, and even the simplest of things seem to rise like mountains before you. The load of clambering out of berth disintegrates down on your chest until “youre feeling” you cannot move or live and troubled dreams pelt down at you like hailstones that never seem to subside or acquiesce .

You smile through grit teeth to hide the thick black smog of sadness billow from the maiming inferno inside you that you did not have the weepings left to put out, while friends and family wrap their arms around you and tell you, Hey, there is nothing to worry about.

And isnt that what repels you most. By all measures of reasoning, you know in your soul they are right. It is a beautiful nature and a beautiful living and, relatively speaking, all of your disturbances and panics show petty and tiny next to what others face day in and day out in other less fortunate parts of the world.

So why does not seem to problem? Why do you still feel so stuck and loath?

Because anxiety does not listen to logic. Because feeling is an urgent, deafening occasion and no matter the number of reasons you have to remain glad or positive, when it is present, they are able to hear nothing else.

You seem you cannot bring yourself to move because there is too much ahead of you and there is too much ahead of you because you cannot bring yourself to move. It is a perfect hurricane a vicious cycle of fear feeding inaction and stagnation feeding anxiety a self-made prison that you alone carry the key to, but shortage the mettle to give .

But as with all things in life, there is always hope. Over its first year and through knowledge I have come to believe that anxiety has a weakness and that weakness is momentum.

You take one small-minded stair, and then another. You compartmentalize your life down into manageable globs and check them off one after another. And though at first the ground below your feet may seem unstable or jagged, and every so often you will lose footing and progress, with every leap forwards you will begin to feel the strength seep back into your bones and new determination pour wild and free through your veins. With your every decision to take action in your life, the pitch of your footpath onward will begin to flatten out until it no longer feels like you are scrambling up the sheer face of a cliff, but instead, moving gently and easily across smooths, solid ground .

The fact of it is, for sufferers of feeling, there will always be more mountains to climb- a apparently infinite count that can often span the length of their own lives- but trust in this: you will clambers them over and over because you have to. You will clamber them because there is nothing here for you down at the hoof of the mountain. You will climb them because the sentiment at the summit is beautiful .

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