An endangered penguin was stolen from a marine park and released into the wild

African Penguin in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010.
Image: Rick Scuteri/ AP photo

The search is on to save the life of an peril African penguin named Buddy.

The Washington Post reported that Buddy was been stealing from Bayworld, a management and research facility for marine swine in Port Elizabeth, South africans, on Sept. 22 by two student activists who claim they were acting out against animals being kept in captivity.

Unfortunately, since Buddy was born in the marine park, he has no feeling how to survive in the wild, necessitating this unpredictable release could lead to his demise.

According to The Washington Post, e xperts have said the African penguin could last a mere two more weeks before starving to death.

The publication reported that Dylan Bailey, director of Bayworld said Buddy “is completely ill-equipped to survive in the wild” and though the staff is unaware of the penguin’s locating, he confirmed Buddy was in good health when he was released into the wild.

“We are rosy, ” Bailey announced. “We have hope he will come ashore before he becomes too weak.”

An adult African penguin at the Baltimore Zoo.

Image: Greg Nelson/ ap photo

The park learned of Buddy’s disappearance on Sept. 23, a day when he was taken from his two brand-new chicks and teammate, Francis who is now unable to leave her nest without Buddy to watch it. Bailey explained that the animals are monogamous and added, if they can’t get Buddy back the park will try to pair Francis with another fowl, “but it may not be successful.”

Though a contact has not officially been obligated, common officials reported that since Buddy’s disappearance one of his chicks has passed away.

Bayworld’s website states that the African penguin population was showed threatened in 2010 and is currently “less than 5 percent of the original population.” The person is rapidly declining, “with an 80 percent wane since the 1950 s, and a 60 percent decline in the past decade.”

Graph testifying the population decline of African penguin multiplying duos from 1910 to their endangerment in 2010.

Image: bayworld

CCTV cameras captured footage of the two students, believed to be in their early 20 s, climbing into Buddy’s pool at Bayworld and putting him in their auto. Bayworld told The Washington Post that they then drove about two miles to Pollock Beach and gave Buddy free in the South IndianOcean.

“The men stated that they did not agree with the penguins being kept in confinement and that their intent was to captivate and then exhaust a penguin back into the wild, a Bayworld representative told The Washington Post . “After recognise the severity of the incident they had decided to come forward. At the time they believed they were are active in the best interests of the animals and there was never any intention to harm the chick in any way.”

Mashable reached out to Bayworld for comment.

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