Alto’s next mobile gaming undertaking is an Odyssey

Altos Adventure is still one of my favorite activities to pick up and play on the travel, on the airplane or mostly anywhere I have both my iPhone and a few minutes to save. The endless snowboarding undertaking is one proportion mobile competition and one part in the zone chill-out ordeal. But now theres going to be a follow-up, and itll be more than an adventure itll be an Odyssey.

Altos Odyssey is the name of the next recreation from Altos Adventure developer Snowman, a small studio are stationed in Toronto. We dont hitherto know often about what the Odyssey will contain, and Snowman isnt tip-off its hand; a scant blog pole tells you basically nothing, beyond that its coming in 2017.

Theres likewise a teaser portrait, and we can get into some intense analysis of whats going on in that visual. There are familiar components, including a bunting course in the foreground, but also much more extravagant designs, and hot air balloons. Also, Snowman founder Ryan Cash tells me that plans for what eventually become this recreation were in the works before Altos Adventure was even released.

Its likely to be great, whatever it is, held Snowmans track record. As a refresher, heres some gameplay footage from video games original launching to give you some zen.

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