Africas New Gay-Bashing Islamic Republic

Declaring little Gambia an’ Islamic Republic’ is a contemptuous gambit by President Jammeh, but the consequences for his parties are huge, and for LGBT Gambians, horrific.”>

WARRI, Nigeria To restate the 18 th century sage-green Samuel Johnson, Islamism is the last sanctuary of a bastard. One might quote any number of samples, but none is quite so astonishing as the most recent gambit by Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, who has declared his hitherto secular country an Islamic Republic.

After decades as a weirdly occult presidentand a blood-curdling homophobe who warned last-place fall to slit the throats of gaysJammeh represented his big notice on Dec. 12, and life in The Gambia( likewise announced, plainly, Gambia) has gotten uglier ever since.

The 1996 constitution of this small country of fewer than 2 million people, with its uppercase on the sea and most of its land sandwiched inside Senegal, would remain unchanged. And Jammeh declared that this Islamic state would be a tolerant one.

In a widely televised program, Jammeh said there would be no restrictions on dress and that Christians and partisans of other faiths, who make up around 10 percentage of specific populations, would be given their due respect.

But that didnt last long.

In January, an executive order, disclosed to pro-opposition newspapers, said that an executive directive has been issued that everything girl staff within the government ministries, departments and agencies are no longer have been able to uncover their mane during official working hours.

Female staff are urged to use head tie and neatly wrap their whisker, it contributed, without establishing reasons for the guild. All are strictly advised to adhere to this new directive.

Persecution of homosexuals had come as a kind of prelude to this latest move. In recent years they have been the target of new discriminatory laws, arbitrary incarceration, and mistreatment in The Gambia. After an aggravated homosexuality constitution was approved in October 2014, prescribing a life sentence for several offenses, dozens of LGBT parties absconded the country.

The brand-new rule plows consensual, private sexual activity between adults of the same sexwhich should not be a crimein the same way as crime and incest, Steve Cockburn, deputy regional director for West and Central Africa at Amnesty International, said at the time.

The vague and imprecise requirements of the law could be used to arrest and detain anyone who is believed to be gay or lesbian, and contributes to the already severe climate of aggression and fright for LGBTI beings in the country, said Cockburn.

Jammeh has never concealed his disapproval for lesbian parties. The Gambian lead was lately repeated as saying animals are more godly than homosexuals and that if the West craves gays so much better, they should just placed aircrafts at the airport and he will be happy for them to leave.

I have the largest number of boars and kine, and I have never seen a male animal climbing on top of another male pig or a male cattle clambering on top of another male kine, Gambias extending Freedom Newspaper repeated him as saying during the regime opening of the two countries assembly on March 31. I will preferably croak than to allow it[ homosexuality] to happen in Gambia. If they want to inflict it, we will be merciless.

Following Jammehs declaration of Islamic statehood, the two countries Supreme Islamic Council( GSIC ), groupings of intellectuals, extended all over the country stirring up popular support for the growing. The chairperson said legislation to enforce his affirmation would soon be introduced into parliament and the national flag would be changed to reflect the countrys new status. The national broadcaster has already taken to referring to TheGambiaas the Islamic Republic.

Jammeh has coated reviewers of his regiman as neo-colonialists, and in the last 2 years has moved The Gambia from the British Commonwealth, saying Britain did nothing for Gambia in 300 years of colonialism, except to tell us how to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep and God Save the Queen. Jammeh likewise scrapped English as an official language.

One senior Gambian official, while on a stay to Nigerias commercial uppercase, Lagos, in December, told The Daily Beast that the government was considering plans to placed the issue of full Sharia implementation to a referendum.

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