A Trump Protest Basically Shut Down Chicago Last Night( And Here Are All Of The Amazing Things I Evidenced First-Hand During It)

Yesterday felt like a sickdream. It was the first time I understood what parties signify when they knew a misfortune and they said it felt like a nightmare they maintain tryingto wake up from. I detected so disheartened, so heartsick, and so worried for all the people in this country specially the millions that Trump attacked in one way or another.

When myfriend Kaitlynn asked if I wanted to go to a Trump rally in downtown Chicago, it felt like a great acces to go out some of my rage and be surrounded by people who appeared the same practice I did. What it terminated up being was an inspiring remember of how many people there are in this country who refuse to accept that it is okay for a chairman to be a prejudiced, sexist, abominable bigot.This protest showed thatalthough we cannot change what happened, we can certainly put up a fight in the future and refuse to allow our country to be set back by multiple decades.

For some perspective, here’s a reminder of “whats happened to” a peaceful protester at a pro-Trump rally a few months ago πŸ˜› TAGEND

And in comparison, here are all of the joke, heartening, and wonderful things that happened at Chicago’s anti-Trump rally last-place night πŸ˜› TAGEND The complain started outside of Trump Tower in Chicago. Police foreclosed us from getting too close, but the protest itself was completely peaceful and respected, chiefly made up of melodies and discussions about the hazards of the Trump. Here’s what it looked like:

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