A hero-worthy hotline that gets help to the folks who need it most.

If you can imagine believing that your own persuasivenes is what impedes others alive, even at the expense of your own well-being, you might be close to suspecting what it’s like to live inside the mind of a veteran.

But who establishes fortitude to the heroes who support us should they need it? This catch-2 2 is precisely the conundrum so many ex-servicemen face.

What should happen first is this: Someone dials the count 800 -2 73 -8 255, and presses 1.

GIFs via Veterans Crisis Line.

It’s the amount for the Veterans Crisis Line. It’s so important that targets like this dwell so very important that in 2012, President Obama doubled its personnel .

The VCL is exactly what it sounds like. Some of its see responders are veterans, and many more are friends or family members of veterans who can understand what they’re going through.

These folks stay on the phone. They follow up. They try to ensure that the person calling is able to get help from local services .

People at the Department of Veterans Affair are committed to preventing veteran suicide. Even one death by suicide is too many.

While the suicide proportion nationally has been clambering, the suicide frequency among ex-servicemen receiving health care from the VA has sagged .

The VA is committed to preventing veteran suicide at large, in particular through curricula like the Veterans Crisis Line.

Some ex-servicemen need even more help. That’s where the Veterans Crisis Line comes in.

It’s hard to reach these heroes. And it’s hard to give them the power to realize that there’s so much strength in putting yourself first and taking care of yourself.

“You know when you punch a baseball and you … get that fissure? It’s like that when you’re able to hear a person smile. And make a difference.

Each of us has the power to reach out to a veteran. If a veteran gets aid, things can get better.

I’m sharing because I want every ex-serviceman to know about this. It might save that person’s life .


If you or anyone you know involves carry, gather up the telephone, dial 800 -2 73 -8 255, and press 1 or inspect the Veterans Crisis Line website to reach a care, learnt responder for a confidential online chitchat and to connect with other resources.

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