A Bernie Sanders-backed candidate just got elected mayor in the deep south

( CNN) On Tuesday night, Randall Woodfin tallied an disturbed of the two-term Democratic mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, to become the youngest mayor( he’s 36) in the Magic City in more than 100 years. Woodfin’s campaign grew something of a cause celebre among national radical activists aligned with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Nina Turner, the head of Our Revolution, the organization Sanders formed post-2 016, was an active attendance for Woodfin in the race. Sanders recorded a robo-call that used to go Monday saying that Woodfin would fight for ethnic justice and his own “Medicare for All” plan, according to The Washington Post, and is sending out a tweet urging beings to go to the referendums and one congratulating Woodfin on his victory.

To learn more about Woodfin and the role the Sanders brigade played in his succes, I reached out to Erin Edgemon, who treated the hasten for the Birmingham News. Our dialogue, imparted via email and lightly edited for flowing, is below.

Cillizza: How sudden( or not) was Woodfin’s win?

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