9 Times Claire and Frank Underwood Were The Most Savage People Alive

Nobody goes everything they want like the Underwoods.

For five seasons, Americas fictional first category has lied, schemed, operated, and killed their practice to addition and obstruct absolute political power.

For Frank and Claire Underwood , no action is tooreprehensible or vicious if it makes climbing the ladder. As you binge the recently secreted Season 5 of on Netflix, lets take a look back at some of the most shockingly mortal happens the Underwoods have said and done to snag the presidency.

1. When Claire firstly attained her ice queen status.


She said this chilling announcement to a former hire who happened to be pregnant.

2. When Frank simply wholly to be laid down how he operates.

Well, you cant say he didnt warn you, I guess.

3. When Claire reminded Frank whos actually in charge.


Frank may be president, but the real powerhouse is his wife.

4. When Frank killed Zoey Barnes in cold bloodand prepared me perpetually paranoid every time Im waiting for the subway.

One of the pictures most iconic situations is also its most pitiless, as Frank coolly sets of a first season regular who threatens to expose his crimes.

5. When Frank killed Peter Russo after pretending to befriend him.


Although Zoeys death was more dramatic, we cant forget Franks firstly assassinate where reference is fastened a passed-out Peter Russo in his vehicle and secreted gas into the vehicle to suffocate him.

6. And must comply with the murder topic, when Frank made it clear hes not afraid to keep on killing.

Seriously, I bet Frank yields more believe that that what he should tell for lunch than whether or not to kill people who threaten to expose him.

7. When Claire testified Frank she doesnt have to put up with his bullsh* t.

At firstly, it looked like Claire was going to stay by Franks side eternally. She may still be scheming with him, but its clear she has no problem working against him with designs of her own if it helps her.

8. When Claire held Frank this gory pep talk.

She really is the brains of this activity, folks.

9. When he movement his route into the most powerful post in America.


All of Frank and Claires savagery led to them growing the stronger duet in the U.S ., laying claim to the presidency after tricking the vice president out of his errand and giving the president up in a shady business deal.