9 awesome things we want to happen at Tokyo 2020

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After a very eventful couple of weeks, the 2016 Rio Olympics came to a close on Sunday, leaving us with an epic teaser for what’s in store at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made his legendary entry into the Rio Games through a dark-green pipe garmented as Mario and the world collectively lost its mind.

After reading Mario a Japanese video game icon joined by Pac-Man and other anime personas in Brazil’s Maracana stadium, we have begun to suspect all the wondrous capacity of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

With five new plays skateboarding, karate, surfing, boasts climbing and baseball/ softball coming to the Competition in 2020, we have a feeling this could be one of the most exciting Olympics yet.

Here are nine awesome things from Tokyo we hope to see in the 2020 Olympics 😛 TAGEND

1. Lots and lots of robots


Robots could be taking over the 2020 Olympics, as Japan has plans to build a “robot village” near the Olympic Village. The region already contains a 60 -foot Gundam statue and the Japanese government is working to create self-driving taxis in addition to robots which will help guests carry their baggage and find their seats in the stadium.

2. Shigeru Miyamoto showing up in costume

Image: YANN BOHAC/ SIPA via ap photo

Who better than Shigeru Miyamoto Nintendo’s Japanese video game designer famed for creating plays like Donkey Kong , Super Mario Bros ., and The Legend of Zelda to show up alongside the cabinet of ministers garmented as Mario. We’d love to see Miyamoto garmented as Link, Luigi, Wario or perhaps even Bowser. Nonetheless he chooses to present himself, we’re hoping he’s a key part of the 2020 Olympics.

3. Akira motorcycle gangs

In 1988, Akira a Japanese anime about biker mobs set in a post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo basically prophesied Tokyo prevailing the 2020 Olympic bid, so it seems only right that they play some part in the Opening Ceremony.

4. A life-size( ish) Godzilla guarding the Olympic flame

The sacred Olympic flame can surely be trusted to stay illuminate in the care of Godzilla a far-famed Japanese attribute in the form of a monstrous, fire-breathing monster.

5. Images from our favorite video game attributes especially Sonic

There’s literally a game called “Mario& Sonic at the Olympic Tournament, ” so when Shinzo Abe appeared as Mario, he left many followers wondering where exactly Sonic was. Hopefully Tokyo will take advantage of this beautiful opening and yield Sonic the attention he deserves.

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