8 Smart Solutions To Little Household Problems

Who hasn’t tried to open a container lid simply to have it remain frustratingly fastened, or reaching for a high item on a shelf to no avail. Little problems like these can be annoying. That’s why we’ve questioned Dr. Leonard’s, the company famous for their list of household and health problem-solvers, for their best solutions.

1. Long Reach Grabber

If you’ve ever tried to reach for an item on a high shelf or on the flooring, and haven’t been able to get to it, the long reaching grabber is for you. The grabber provides your reaching practically 3 feet in order to be allowed to forestall bending, climbing or tightening. And excellent of all, the claw is designed to pick up an part as small as a paper clip or heavy as a can of vegetables.

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2. Swivel Seat Cushion

Getting in and out of the car be a beset sometimes–all that bend and turning. The swivel posterior spins in either direction so you don’t have to twisting and strain to get out of the car. It’s lightweight, is made of remembering foam padding for real comfort, and corroborates up to 350 pounds.

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3. Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener

If un-budgeable eyelids drive you fucking or pain in your hands make it difficult to open container eyelids, this is the answer to your difficulty. Theeasy grip opener can twist off lids in seconds, pain-free. So smart, so easy!

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4. Sure Grip Bath Handle

Getting in and out of the rain is also possible daunting. You don’t wishes to decline and descend. This bath controlhas flip-down levers that self-assured suction goblets onto flat surfaces, that route you have something sturdies to grab onto. No implements are necessary for installing, and you can easily move the manage is dependent on where you need it. Helpful color indicators likewise testify whether or not the handle is properly appended.

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5. Toilet Seat Lifter

If bending and stooping is pain, then this easy-to-install toilet bench lifter can help. A simple tread on the pedal lifts or lowers the lavatory fanny, hands-free. It’s likewise hampered movable.

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6. Slip Resistant Tub Mat

These mats have hundreds of cushiony bubble beakers to ensure your safety as you get in and out of the shower or tub. The matting comes in five different emblazons and won’t mold, mildew, or disappearance. And when you think it needs a cleanse, only toss it in the washing machine.

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7. Drain Stoppers

Nothing is more irking than crowding the shower or kitchen settle, and immediately having the irrigate drain out. These durabledrain lids quickly and easily put an end to the problem. They work with most exhaustions and are great for the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

Price : Set of 2 for $3.99
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8. Bulb Changer

No more teetering on a step stool or chair to change a light bulb. This aluminum light bulb changerextends from 30 ” to 49 ” long to help you safely and readily change bulb. The rubber-tipped paws control and switch various lengths and modes of light bulbs while keeping you safely on the ground.

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Dr. Leonard’s is a leading direct mail marketer and web site for affordable health and personal caution commodities. To meet more items and discover more, going to see Dr.Leonards.com . Read more from Grandparents.com :

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